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“This is my covenant with you.” —Gen. 17:4

Thursday, May 22

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Batta and friends


Batta and friends


Whether playing guitar or piano with the worship band or playing basketball with the youth after church, Bataung Makhakhe (aka Batta) exudes a quiet confidence that draws others to him. Born in Koro Koro village in the lowlands of Lesotho, he was raised in a happy home with three siblings. They moved to the outskirts of the capital when he was just entering secondary school. He did well and was given a place at Lerotholi Polytechnic studying electrical engineering. Then, in 2008, his father died suddenly. A good man and hard worker, Batta felt his loss keenly. Being the eldest son, he had to leave school and go to work. He found employment with a youth resource center, where he became a peer educator teaching life skills and counseling youths about HIV. Later, he became a mentor to young men, helping to establish a support program for prison inmates dealing with HIV. And he did all this by age 22!

Batta saved his money, and after paying for his younger brother to finish high school, he was able to save enough for his own fees. He took up his engineering studies again in 2012.

Meanwhile, he fell in love with music through the vibrant youth service at his local Presbyterian church. And through the lyrics, he fell in love with the Lord. He picked up the guitar for the first time in 2009 and improvises on the piano by ear. Today, the Maseru United Church is blessed by his musical talents and sincere spirit, which ably lead us to the heart of worship each Sunday.

Nancy Dimmock, PC(USA) mission coworker, Maseru

Let us join in prayer for:


Lesotho Evangelical Church: Rev. T. S. Masemene, moderator, Rev. Letlafuoa Ramatlapeng, executive secretary • Christian Council of Lesotho: Mr. Johane Mahao, general secretary • Morija Theological Seminary: Rev. Mojaki Kometsi, director

PC(USA) Agencies’ Staff

Elder Candace Hill, PMA
Casey Hill, FDN
Regina Hill, BOP
Michael Hilliard, PPC

Let us pray

Father, we see your hand of mercy in Batta’s life. Thank you for the talents and training you have given him, which make a difference in the lives of so many young people. Give him wisdom, courage, love, and faithfulness in his journey through life. And thank you for blessing many through him. Amen.

Daily Lectionary

Morning Psalms 47; 147:12-20
First Reading Leviticus 19:26-37
Second Reading 2 Thessalonians 1:1-12
Gospel Reading Matthew 6:25-34
Evening Psalms 68; 113

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