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“I will make you fish for people.” —Mark 1:17

Saturday, March 22

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The Presbytery of Beaver-Butler


I   had spent all day at the top of a ladder, smattering tar on the tin roof of a trailer home in the Appalachian Mountains with my youth group. That evening the pastor asked, “Where did you see God at work today?” To be honest, the first thing that popped into my head was, “Weren’t we the ones doing all the hard work today?”

But I gave it a little thought and realized that I had seen God at work that day. God was working through my arms and legs, which were now very tired and aching from hard work. God was working through my best friend, who stood guarding the bottom of the ladder all day. God was at work in the family who lived in that trailer, giving them hope for better future. This mission trip wasn’t about what I was doing but about what God was doing. Everything I would do that week would someday wither or fade, but what God did was unchanging and eternal. I was participating in God’s mission.

When churches send youth on short-term mission trips and help young people understand the bigger picture of God’s mission, exciting things can happen! I was just 16 years old when God called me to full-time mission ministry on that trip. Now, more than 15 years later, I’m an ordained Presbyterian minister with a passion for leading short-term mission trips so that I can help others have the same encounter with God’s mission as I did. I give thanks for my home church that introduced me to God’s work in the world and encouraged me to offer my gifts to God in mission service.

The Presbytery of Beaver-Butler is home to 11,611 members of 82 congregations, including Glade Run Church, where I was brought up in the faith and ordained for ministry.

Rev. Jennifer Haddox, associate director, World Mission Initiative at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Let us join in prayer for:

Presbytery Staff

Rev. Alan G. Adams, executive presbyter
Rev. David Byers, stated clerk
Rev. Dennis Burnett, assistant stated clerk
James Gray, treasurer
Raymond Why, moderator for the presbytery
Rev. Allison Bauer, vice moderator for the presbytery
Rev. Randall Clow, coordinating team chairperson
Sidney Fisher, resource center director
Barbara Paff, secretary to the executive presbyter
Lauren Cesnales, accountant
Mary Clow, secretary to the units and committees
Diana Mermon, youth leadership connection director
Daniel Brady, technology assistant

PC(USA) Agencies’ Staff

Angela Duffy, FDN
Sherrolyn Duffy, PMA
Diane Dulaney, PMA

Let us pray

Lord Jesus, thank you for inviting all of us, both young and old, to participate in your mission. Guide our congregations as we disciple our young people, giving them opportunities to see your work in and through them in the world. Amen.

Daily Lectionary

Morning Psalms 43; 149
First Reading Genesis 43:16-34
Second Reading 1 Corinthians 7:10-24
Gospel Reading Mark 5:1-20
Evening Psalms 31; 143

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