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“Create in me a clean heart, O God.” —Ps. 51:10

Sunday, July 13

The Lord’s Day

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Minute for Mission:

San Francisco Theological Seminary

Worship Lab, San Francisco Theological Seminary Photo by Kay Carney


Worship Lab, San Francisco Theological Seminary


Photo by Kay Carney



Every Thursday at noon, the San Francisco Theological Seminary (SFTS) community explores a new worship experience. Everyone gathers for worship four times a week, and Thursdays are reserved for what has emerged as a weekly “Worship Lab.”

Over the past year, Worship Lab services have included experiencing the Spirit through percussion instruments and praying to God through motion. Some have been coordinated with periods of remembrance, including Domestic Violence Awareness Month—the participants reflecting on how Jesus stood with those who were victims and targets of violence—and National Coming Out Day.

During an SFTS Welcome Week, the service explored the theme “Eat, Pray, Love.” As community members prayerfully walked the Geneva Terrace labyrinth, they would eat grapes, pray with someone, and experience God’s love by receiving a blessing.

Creativity, which plays an important role in developing unique services, is nourished and encouraged through Worship Lab. For young adults and future faith leaders, exploring different styles and methods of worship is increasingly important as we enter a world where the traditional idea of a worship service is changing. Worship Lab provides the opportunity to come up with innovative and life-giving ways to worship that flows out of the traditions of Reformed worship. Worship Lab is a welcoming, creative, and innovative way to help equip students for new, imaginative, and faithful ministries for the 21st century.

Kay Carney, vice president of communications, San Francisco Theological Seminary

Let us pray

Gracious God, open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to inspired and creative ways to spread the good news of the gospel, that we may better reflect your love, compassion, and presence in our changing world. Amen.

Sunday Lectionary and Hymns

Gen. 25:19–34
“O God, in a Mysterious Way”
HB 112, PH 270

Ps. 119:105–112
“Lord, to You My Soul Is Lifted”
PH 178

Rom. 8:1–11
“Breathe on Me, Breath of God”
HB 235, PH 316

Matt. 13:1–9, 18–23
“Let Us Talents and
Tongues Employ”
PH 514

Daily Lectionary

Morning Psalms 103; 150
First Reading Joshua 1:1-18
Second Reading Acts 21:3-15
Gospel Reading Mark 1:21-27
Evening Psalms 117; 139

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