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“He has been raised from the dead.” Matt. 28:7

Tuesday, July 2

Asia and the Pacific


From the evergreen brush and rocky hills in the north of China to the palms and volcanoes of southern shores in Indonesia, more than two-thirds of the world’s population finds its home in the various landscapes of Asia and the Pacific. They are communities and individuals whose cultures are vastly diverse and whose languages and dialects number into the thousands. To try to capture this region of the world in just a few broad strokes or an abbreviated summary would be a pointless exercise, as the richness of the customs and the enlightening expressions of humanity are cosmic.

Of course, it’s not paradise in stretches of Asia and the Pacific. As with any other part of the world, this region is fraught with hardship and heartache. Nuclear accidents and the threat of nuclear weapons, alongside the plague of extra-judicial killings, religious war, and political instability, cast shadows of darkness on these beautiful landscapes. Natural disasters, from tropical storms to earthquakes and flooding, have claimed lives, reduced cities to rubble, caused disease and illness, and displaced families already in the grips of poverty. Lack of food and clean water and limited or no access to medical care pushes the already desperate into exploitive practices, including the modern-day slavery of human trafficking.

The introduction to the Asia and the Pacific area is continued on July 3rd.

Let us join in prayer for:

Uniting Church in Australia: Rev. Alistair Macre, president, Rev. Terrence Corkin, general secretary, Dr. Kerry Enright, director of mission
Evangelical Fellowship of Cambodia
Khmer Presbyterian Fellowship [Cambodia]
Presbyterian Church of Cambodia
Lao Evangelical Church
Church World Service-Laos and Cambodia
Presbyterian Church of Myanmar: Rev. Vanthawma, moderator, Rev. Zomawia Sr., secretary, Upa Malsawma Jr., secretary, Up Van Lal Vuan, finance officer
Myanmar Council of Churches: Daw Yin Yin Maw, president, Rev. Dr. Pa Sang, vice president, Rev. Dr. Zaw Win, vice president, Rev. Zaw Win Aung, vice president, Rev. Harberta, vice president, Rev. Saw Shwe Lin, general secretary, Rev. Dr. Yam Kho Pau, treasurer, Mrs. Nant Aye Mu Mu Aung, associate general secretary, Ms. Ruth Lun, administrative officer
Myanmar Institute of Theology: Simon Pau Khan En, principal
Tahan Theological College [Myanmar]: Rev. Pek Muan Cuang, principal

PC(USA) Agencies’ Staff
Oweeda Kinnaird, FDN
Jesse Kinzer, FDN

Let us pray

God of all nations, it is our greatest joy to give you thanks and praise. Open our hearts to the movement of your Spirit through all the landscapes of our lives. Guide us to be your hands and feet as we faithfully serve in a world of need. Amen.

Daily Lectionary

Morning Psalms 54; 146
First Reading 1 Samuel 11:1-15
Second Reading Acts 8:1b-13
Gospel Reading Luke 22:63-71
Evening Psalms 28; 99

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