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“For I was hungry and you gave me food.” Matt. 25:35

Wednesday, January 29

The Presbytery of San Diego


In 2007 members from La Jolla Presbyterian Church gathered to pray about an outreach to neighboring Mission Bay High School. Building relationships with students and families, they began attending after-school events and volunteering in classrooms. Through their relationships with students, they learned that 85 percent of the students did not live in the immediate area but were bused in from low-income neighborhoods in San Diego.

Rev. Jake Medcalf invited 11 students to a summer camp and saw Christ change their lives. The students returned home having decided to follow Jesus and to share their faith with family and friends. The ministry followed these students to their inner-city neighborhoods, where the Holy Spirit was already at work, and Urban Life was born. The presbytery’s Sudanese congregation agreed to share its building with Urban Life, since it was in the neighborhood where these young people lived. After-school activities began, and volunteers got involved in local schools. They began by initiating the Christian Community Development model and later started a worship service when the young people and their families requested it. The worshiping community became known as the Orange Ave. Community Church, and the presbytery is now considering making it an organized congregation.

Ministering under the spiritual guidance of the session of La Jolla Church and the board of Urban Life, the Orange Ave. community has expanded from one location to three, spreading out across some of the neediest areas of the inner city in order to bless these neighborhoods, engage people in Christian Community Development, and raise up and disciple young leaders. This is a bottom-up response to what God is doing in these neighborhoods. Orange Ave. has grown and been nurtured because of the presbytery’s permission-giving attitude. While messy and hard at times, we seek to be faithful to the leading of the Holy Spirit and to love our city the same way that Christ does.

The Presbytery of San Diego’s 31 congregations have 14,519 total members.

Rev. Clark Cowden, executive presbyter

Let us join in prayer for:

Rev. Dr. Clark Cowden, member, PMA Board
Elder Jack Shelver, at-large member, PMA Board

Presbytery Staff
Rev. Dr. Clark Cowden, executive presbyter
Linda Therien, stated clerk
Sharlene McKinstry, financial manager
Stephanie Hable, office manager

PC(USA) Agencies’ Staff
Del Braaksma, PMA
Dan Braden, PPC

Let us pray

Lord, we thank you that you love our cities. We pray that you would continue to raise up young leaders who love Jesus and want to serve him. Amen.

Daily Lectionary

Morning Psalms 65; 147:1-11
First Reading Genesis 16:1-14
Second Reading Hebrews 9:15-28
Gospel Reading John 5:19-29
Evening Psalms 125; 91

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