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“For I was hungry and you gave me food.” Matt. 25:35

Wednesday, January 15

Providence Presbytery

South Carolina

Winthrop Presbyterian Student Association Guatemala mission team photo by John O’Kain

Winthrop Presbyterian Student Association Guatemala mission team


photo by John O’Kain


The Presbyterian Student Association of Winthrop University has found service opportunities to be a means of evangelism and of welcoming new members.

In September 2012 I invited interested students to learn about medical mission in Guatemala by supporting a friend of mine, Dr. Pedro Palacios, at La Mision. We would be continuing work done by our congregation and presbytery.

The students worked hard for months to raise funds, gather supplies, and be prepared for a successful trip not out of a need to be “fed” but out of a desire to serve others. “As a Christian, going to Guatemala is a fulfillment of my duty and God’s path for me in my faith journey,” says Forrest Black. These young adults are compassionate, selfless, and ready to look beyond their own needs to care for the needs of others. Abigail Bradner says, “I look forward to Guatemala because I hope to serve on medical missions throughout my career.”

Natalie Norris and Miracle Mosely are excited to experience God in a new way and new culture, and Demetrius Miles says, “As an aspiring doctor, a medical mission trip combines two of my most important goals: serving others and spreading the gospel.”

Dwanna David and Isabella Gantt are glad messengers of the gospel and are eager world travelers. “I’m excited about Guatemala because it gives me a chance to get out of the country and spread the word and works of Jesus Christ while doing it,” Dwanna says.

Providence Presbytery serves 59 congregations.

Rev. John O’Kain, director of campus ministry, Winthrop University

Let us join in prayer for:

Presbytery Staff
Rev. T. Mark Verdery, general presbyter/stated clerk
Kathryn McGregor, associate for education and resourcing
Dot Killian, associate for congregational development and mission
Rev. John O’Kain, director of campus ministry, Winthrop University
Rose Lemmons-Berry, business administrator
Jill Wilson, communications coordinator
Inez Glasgow, administrative assistant
Mary Love Hammond, office staff
Barbara Kurz, interim consultant for mission
Jacquie Scoates, program director, Bethelwoods
Nate Mallard, director of church relations, Bethelwoods
Colleen Johnson, office manager, Bethelwoods

PC(USA) Agencies’ Staff
Elder Beth Basham, PMA
Frances Bass, OGA
Dwayne Batcho, PMA

Let us pray

Gracious God, give us the courage to serve you in whatever mission fields you present us. Help us demonstrate the joy that comes with our obedience, so that others will want to join us in our good work. Amen.

Daily Lectionary

Morning Psalms 89:1-18; 147:1-11
First Reading Genesis 4:1-16
Second Reading Hebrews 2:11-18
Gospel Reading John (1:29-34) 35-42
Evening Psalms 1; 33

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