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“You shall love the Lord your God.” Matt. 22:37

Monday, January 6

Flint River Presbytery


Not so long ago, young people went off to college, wandered from their church moorings, graduated, got married, had children—and then returned to the church.

Now, young adults go off to college and in many instances never return to church, because the church has not touched their lives in a compelling way.

Flint River Presbytery and its 47 congregations are committed to the young adults within presbytery bounds. Flint River invests 12 percent of its budget in three campus ministries. It doesn’t assume these ministries will be creating lifelong Presbyterians, but it knows lives are being changed.

How does it know? Meet Ki, through her own words: “I was emotionally and physically abused. I was told over and over: ‘You will never be good enough. You won’t succeed. You don’t have it in you.’ I graduated high school with honors, received a music scholarship, and was still told that I would fail. I went to college with $50. One day, someone invited me to a free lunch. When I walked in, I connected with the warmest eyes—the eyes of my new campus minister. She hugged me and said a few words. Can you imagine what those few words (and that one hug) did for a girl who hated everything about herself?

“Campus ministry is more than just a place to get a free meal. Campus ministry reminded me who I was in God’s eyes. So my question to you is, ‘What would have happened to that young woman if the Presbyterian campus ministry had not existed?’”

Ki is now a primary school teacher. Her remarks are shared with permission.

Paul Luthman, executive presbyter

Let us join in prayer for:

Presbytery Staff
Paul Luthman, executive presbyter
Deb Bibler, associate executive presbyter
Jerry Watts, stated clerk
Connie Fritz, children/youth coordinator
June Denney, office manager

PC(USA) Agencies’ Staff
Jeanette Andersen, BOP
Monty Anderson, PPC

Let us pray

Grace-bearing God, may we become havens of hospitality welcoming all who question, search, and stumble. May our words and deeds lead those who search into your arms and into the deep and restorative love of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Lectionary for Epiphany

of the Lord

Isa. 60:1–6
Ps. 72:1–7, 10–14
Eph. 3:1–12
Matt. 2:1–12

Daily Lectionary

Morning Psalms 72; 145
First Reading Isaiah 49:1-7
Second Reading Revelation 21:22-27
Gospel Reading Matthew 12:14-21
Evening Psalms 100; 67

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