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“Your redemption is drawing near.” — Luke 21:28

Saturday, February 14


Elena Ramirez and Alicia Franco grinding corn Photo by Carola Tron


Elena Ramirez and Alicia Franco grinding corn


Photo by Carola Tron


Elena Ramírez and Alicia Franco live in Colonia San Gustavo, a rural community in Entre Ríos, Argentina, where many small farmers struggle to make ends meet. Elena and Alicia are proud that the grinder given to their community 15 years ago by ecumenical partners is still going strong. They use it to make everything from corn, sorghum, and soy flours to chicken feed.

Elena and Alicia are part of a diaconal project of the Waldensian Evangelical Church of Río de la Plata (IEVRP) called Accompaniment of Farm Families. The project enables women from small farms to share, reflect, and train together.

In a time of increasing individualism and social fragmentation, the project has allowed them to lift up traditional values such as biodiversity, sustainability, and integrity. It also allows them to deepen their common roots in the Christian faith. Together, they have developed strategies that allow them to resist the pressures to sell their small farms to the agricultural conglomerates that are always hungry to usurp more land.

Together, they learn how to get their products to market. They also explore good nutrition (for people and animals!), canning, herbal remedies, and handicrafts—all rooted in the biblical values of caring for creation and living life abundantly.

—Rev. Carola Tron, vice moderator, IEVRP

Let us join in prayer for:

PC(USA) People in Mission

University Institute ISEDET: Rev. Kathleen Griffin, professor of church history


Evangelical Church of Río de la Plata (IERP) / Reformed Churches of Argentina (IRA): Rev. Carlos Duarte, president, Rev. Sonia Skupch, general secretary, Rev. Gerardo Oberman, IRA president • Waldensian Evangelical Church of Rió de la Plata (IEVRP): Oscar Oudri, moderator • Church of God Association: Rev. Miguel A. Benitez, president, Rev. Jorge Julio Vaccaro, general secretary • Regional Ecumenical Advisory and Service Center (CREAS): Humberto Shikiya, executive director • University Institute ISEDET: Elsa Agüero, rector and academic dean

Presbytery Partnership

Presbytery of Tres Rios, with the IERP

PC(USA) Agencies’ Staff

Jackie Carter, PMA
Sylvia B. Carter, PMA

Daily Lectionary

Morning Psalms 104; 149
First Reading Isaiah 61:10 - 62:5
Second Reading 2 Timothy 4:1-8
Gospel Reading Mark 10:46-52
Evening Psalms 138; 98

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