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“Truly this man was God’s Son!” —Mark 1:39

Saturday, August 9

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Indonesia, continued

bu Siti Murkanti and Farsijana Adeney-Risakotta work together to empower the women in Yogyakarta


bu Siti Murkanti and Farsijana Adeney-Risakotta work together to empower the women in Yogyakarta


The majority of Indonesians of all faiths are committed to ending the marginalization of women and minorities. As a result of lobbying and educational efforts by women’s groups, several new laws now protect women from domestic violence and mandate their representation in political leadership and developmental policies. For example, Indonesia recently passed a national law requiring that 30 percent of candidates for political office be women.

Despite encouraging changes, the challenges remain daunting. National regulations are often blocked due to the suspicion of conservatives who fear that emphasis on human rights is just a new form of Western domination.

Presbyterian mission coworker Farsijana Adeney-Risakotta works at the grassroots to encourage people from all religious communities to recognize resources in their own traditions for appreciating and empowering women.

When Farsijana was nominated to be head of the Indonesian Women’s Coalition for her province, her Muslim friend Siti fasted and prayed for 40 days, asking that Farsijana would be chosen. Siti later explained that God spoke to her through her Christian sister’s work with people from all different religious backgrounds. She saw that if we share the love of God with all, then all women may have a better life. With the support of Siti and many other Muslim women, Farsijana was chosen. Siti has meanwhile been chosen as one of the overseers of this year’s national elections, to ensure that political parties implement laws intended to empower women in politics.

Let us join in prayer for:


Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies (ICRS-Yogya): Siti Syamsiyatum, MA, PhD, director • Communion of Churches in Indonesia: Rev. Dr. Andreas A. Yewangoe, general chair, Rev. Gomar Gulton, general secretary • Christian Churches of Java: Rev. Dr. Andreas Untung Wiyono, general secretary • East Java Christian Church: Rev. Rudy Sewoyo, general chair, Rev. Tjondro F. Gardjito, general secretary • Evangelical Christian Church in the Land of Papua: Rev. Jemima J. Mirion-Krey, chair, Rev. Hizkia Rollo, secretary • Indonesian Christian Church: Rev. Royandi Tanudjaja, general chair, Rev. Arlyanus Larosa, general secretary • Indonesian Christian Church, Central Java: Rev. Samuel Adi Perdana, general chair • Protestant Christian Church in Bali: Rev. Nyoman Suanda, general chair, Rev. I. Made Priana, general secretary • Duta Wacana Christian University: Dr. Djohan, MEM, PhD, rector, Rev. Dr. Yahya Wijaya, dean of theology • Jakarta Theological Seminary: Rev. Dr. Joas Adiprasetya, rector • Satya Wacana Christian University: Prof. Dr. John Titalay, rector

PC(USA) Agencies’ Staff

Donald McKim, PPC
Andrea McNicol, PMA
Jewel McRae, PMA
Trisha McReynolds, PMA

Let us pray

Thank you, Lord, for the women of Indonesia, who are learning to serve their families and the wider society through taking part in the process of building a just society. We pray for them and for ourselves, that you would give us all strength to be doers of your will through the grace of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Daily Lectionary

Morning Psalms 63; 149
First Reading Judges 9:22-25, 50-57
Second Reading Acts 4:32-5:11
Gospel Reading John 2:13-25
Evening Psalms 125; 90

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