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“Will God indeed dwell on the earth?” —1 Kgs. 8:27

Ministries With Youth
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Daily devotions with depth for young people! is an online devotion site designed for youth and youth leaders. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Ministries with Youth team is pleased to announce that we are now official partners in this ministry! Add this site to your "favorites." Make it a part of your daily routine. Share this with your friends, youth leaders, youth and parents of teens. Now you can ACTIVELY seek God's wisdom, word and deep peace each day — wherever you are!

Way to Live

Cover of Way to LiveWeb experience challenges teens
Real music and stories keep it fresh

Way to live is a hub of activity. Here you can meet other young people as they search for a better way to live. You can see what groups of teens are doing to help their communities find more faithful ways of living. You can decide to take the challenge in your own family, neighborhood, school and world. Way to live is about a way to live that is full of the kind of freedom and love and courage that Jesus lived and gave to his community. Qualities like these are not just feelings. They are related to how people actually live their lives each day.

Way to live invites you to participate in practices of Christian Living. Each Christian practice can help you to live one aspect of your life in a way that is alert to God’s presence and responsive to the general needs of all God’s creatures.

Each Christian practice is present in the activities of daily life, and

  • appears in the bible and in Christian communities throughout the centuries and across many cultures;
  • addresses our deepest needs — not just our own wants or the things advertisers try to convince us we need;
  • is something we need to do with other people who understand and desire this practice;
  • is a way of worshiping God and loving our neighbors;
  • is a way of accepting and celebrating God’s love for each of us

Christian practices add up to a way of life — a challenging path that invites us to walk with Jesus and his community toward the future God has promised, one step at a time.

Upper Room Ministries®

The mission of Upper Room Ministries® mission is to help people grow in their relationship with God. Their vision is to help create a worldwide community of people who, through prayer and practice, seek each day to walk with Christ. Their dream is to invite all persons — young or old, alone or in a family — to open their lives to God and to let the love of Christ rule their hearts.


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