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“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.” — John 14:27

Apply for an event scholarship from REYWT

REYWT is committed to facilitating opportunities for

  • leadership development
  • networking
  • advocacy

Opportunities for young women of color to become leaders in the church

Scholarships are available to young women of color who want to attend conferences and events that relate to the interests of young adults, women and racial ethnic people. These opportunities provide young women with the knowledge, tools and skills they need to be successful leaders in the church.

The scholarships provide financial assistance to defray the cost for registration fees and travel expenses.

Recipients of the scholarships are expected to attend events as REYWT representatives by completing a brief report to help other racial ethnic young women learn from their experience.

Application process

Applicants should complete the application and submit it no later than two months prior to the event they wish to attend. The Budget subcommittee of Core will review the applications and contact applicants regarding the status of their request.

Print and complete the application and submit to the following address:

Office of Racial Ethnic Young Women Together (REYWT)
100 Witherspoon Street, 3046
Louisville, KY 40202


Event report

After attending the event, complete your Event Report and submit it to REYWT within 30 days.

For questions regarding the scholarship please contact the REYWT staff at (800)728-7228 x5476.

After attending the event, complete your Event Report and submit it to the Office of REYWT by March 15 or October 15, whichever date comes first. Reports should be modeled on the following format:

Name of the Event
Time of the Event
Date of the Event
Location of the Event
Report Author:
Relationship to Organization  

  1. Give a brief overview of the event
  2. Describe your role at the event
  3. Provide any highlights and general notes
  4. Describe how the event affected you personally and vocationally in the life of church
  5. Describe how this event is beneficial for other racial ethnic young women
  6. Suggestions for REYWT based on attending this event
  7. Any other thoughts

Note: Parts 1-5 are required

Report is to be a maximum of two pages


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