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“All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit.” —Acts 2:4

YAV  Media Blitz!

The least you need to know:

Target week:November 11-18, 2012

Purpose:  Invite YAVA and YAVs to share about the YAV program on social media, and then to invite someone to apply to the YAV program.

More social media options

 Want to help give the YAV program a huge boost? Join us for a Social Media Blitz during the week of Nov. 11 – 18 to get the word out about the YAV program.

Help us spread the news about this great program! We are very excited about the church-wide energy behind the YAV program and want to make sure that everyone who wants to serve has the chance. Can you think of a young person who would be a good match for the YAV experience? Talk to them about what the YAV program has meant in your life. Applications for international service are due January 20th and national service has a rolling deadline, so encourage them to apply now!

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Click here for YAV group shots.




YAV updates: The PC(USA) has placed a strong focus on Young Adults in its new five year plan. As a result, the YAV program has been challenged to grow in size and scope threefold over the next five years. Bottom line – we need everyone kicking in to help get the word out about the YAV program. One great help – the fundraising requirements have been cut in half! We now ask folks to raise at least $3,000 for national service and $4,000 for international service. We also have new national and international sites for 2013/2014 – see the full list here.

Social Media logistics: We have lots of routes to share YAV stuff. We just ask that you reference all posts back to the YAV webpage ( to encourage folks to learn more and apply! We’re using the hashtag #YAVrocks for anything on Twitter.

  • We’ve included a sample Facebook post below. We hope that during the week you will share this blurb on your timeline, and then engage in discussions as well to continue linking folks to the public YAV Facebook page and YAV website.
  • Using the art on this page, change your profile pic to the YAV logo. Choose your ‘class photo’ from our Transition/Re-entry group pics to post as your cover pic. Post some of your own favorite photos from your YAV year. Tag your friends and share widely!
  • We will be having discussions and story-telling on the public YAV Facebook page.  Join in! Share your stories on the public YAV page and your own timeline.
  • The YAV office will be online at:

Suggested FB post:

Do you want to spend a year putting your faith in action and serving in mission? Are you interested in a career in non-profit work, humanitarian aid, or church service? Then apply to be a Young Adult Volunteer! The Presbyterian YAV program is accepting applications now –  #YAVrocks

Suggested Tweet:
Experience a year of service for a lifetime of change! Apply to PC(USA)’s Young Adult Volunteer program now – #YAVrocks


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