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“Truly this man was God’s Son!” —Mark 1:39

Risa Rylander

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May of2014, I completed my undergrad in psychology at Austin College, a small, Presbyterian affiliated liberal arts school in north Texas. My professional passions lie in psychology, working with children and adolescents, and some in non-profit/fundraising work. Personally, however, I also have a strong love of music. I played piano since the first grade, trumpet in the marching, concert and jazz bands in high school, and continued my musical education throughout college with choir and voice lessons.

 From an early age I developed an appreciation for volunteer work, annually venturing out-of-state on youth mission trips with my church, NorthPark Presbyterian.  And now through the larger Presbyterian Church I am thrilled to continue serving and being filled through service. I am looking forward to this experience to utilize what I know, and be exposed to so much more that I don’t about people in the world. I will be living and volunteering in Belfast, Northern Ireland, working directly with the congregation and youth at Fortwilliam and Macrory Presbyterian Church. I will also partially be working at a Trauma Centre in the area. I am also hoping to gain and give absolutely as much as I can during this year-long experience.


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