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“Repent, and believe in the good news.” —Mark 1:15

Kelli Miller

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 A recent graduate of Wartburg College with degrees in Sociology, Art, and Communication Design, I am following my call to serve, live, and love in new ways in Miami. I have an innate love of learning, along with a joy for music, food, drawing and painting, and going for long walks. Growing up in small town Iowa, I am ready to hit the city, and am seeking diversity in ways I’ve never known before. Previously I was connected to the DOOR program as a Discover participant in Atlanta and Denver, and later a Discern staff member spending summers in Denver and Hollywood. Through DOOR I learned about the opportunity to have an even deeper experience by participating in the yearlong program. During my time in Miami, I am hoping to better understand the importance and inner workings of community, meet people from all spectrum and situations in life, and revive and strengthen a relationship with a G*d who has led me to where I am today.


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