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“Jesus said to them, ‘I am the bread of life.’ ” —John 6:35

Young Adult Volunteers
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Young Adult Volunteers
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Fundraising FAQ

How much do I need to raise?
We ask you to raise $3,000 to $4,000 depending on the site.

Do I need to raise the whole amount before I begin serving as a YAV?
No, you will be provided with a timetable of how much should be raised and by what date. The first deadline is July 15, at which point you should have raised $1,500.

Why do I need to raise part of my own funds?
Depending on the site, it can cost up to $30,000 per year for a person to participate in the YAV program. That cost is shared by the YAV program, participant fundraising, and volunteer placements

Also, and equally as importantly, fundraising is an important part of transitioning into your YAV year. You will speak with many groups, write many letters and make several phone calls, each time articulating what you will be doing as a YAV and whom you will be serving. Your enthusiasm for the program and for the community you will be serving will show when you talk about it, and donors will want to support this excitement.

Finally, by taking small donations from several people or groups of people, you are allowing all of those who gave you funds a chance to participate in ministry with you, even though you are the one who is physically traveling to a new place.

What are typical ways in which people fundraise? Is there a certain “format”?

Peru YAVs on retreat in Huanta (Ginna Irby, Anna Gray, Sarah Terpstra, Alissa King, Joe Tobiason, Sarah Chancellor). Photo by Debbie Horne

There is no one way that you must go about raising funds. “Typically,” YAVs speak with their congregations during a Minute for Mission or something similar. We will provide you with resources to guide in the fundraising process. YAVs also write many letters and make phone calls. Sometimes people also speak to their presbytery and synod, depending on what kind of funds are available for young adults in mission. People can get very creative in this process

Can people support me in ways other than giving money?
Yes, and you need their support in other ways! As a YAV, you will need the prayers of your friends, family and congregation members. Hopefully, they will “travel with you,” as you keep them updated on what you are learning and whom you are meeting. In this way, they are serving, too, because they are supporting you.

When should I begin fundraising?
After you have been placed with a site.  

How does the YAV office support me in my fundraising?
You will have an ECO (Extra Commitment Opportunity) account through the PC(USA) assigned to you to which your donors can send their tax-deductible donations for you. That way you don't have to deal with any of the money yourself. You will receive regular updates on how much money has been sent in on your behalf.

How successful are YAVs in their fundraising efforts, typically?
Almost universally, the feedback that we get from YAVs is that fundraising was easier and quicker than they thought possible! Church members and friends are eager to give money to support YOU, because they know you and want to see you do well, and to pursue things about which you are passionate. As a result, they are happy to support you through prayer as well as by donating their money to support your year as a YAV.