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“Stretch out your hand over the sea.” Exod. 14:26

Emma Cushman-Wood

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I am from Indianapolis, Indiana. I have a brother and a sister both younger than me. My mother is a nurse who works with low income mothers. I like to call myself a Presbytist because my father is a United Methodist minister and my maternal grandfather is a Presbyterian minister. I grew up involved in both of these two denominations. This past June, I graduated from DePaul University in Chicago with a double Bachelor's degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing and Religious Studies with a concentration in Peace, Ethics, and Social Justice. DePaul is a very active school with social justice and peacebuilding. I have always been interested in peace and social justice. In particular, I am interested in interfaith ministry and helping to build bridges between different faith groups. I feel that my volunteer placement site through the Young Adult Volunteers program will be a good fit. I will be volunteering for a year in Belfast, Northern Ireland. During this year, I will be working with the East Belfast Mission, which is a community organization that provides services and engages in the development and service in the Newtownards Road, Ballymacarrett district of Belfast. I hope to work together with the people of Belfast to create peace, reconcile, and move forward. 

The Young Adult Volunteer program is a year-long service program for young adults between ages 19 and 30. Read more about the YAV program here


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