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“So they went with the guard and made the tomb secure by sealing the stone.” Matt. 27:66

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Check out the following events you may want to attend.

Chip Andrus, pastor at South Salem Presbyterian Church, South Salem, New York, is now available to lead workshops, retreats, educational events, or help with any type of gathering centered on worship, liturgy, the sacraments, daily prayer, or spiritual practices.

A gifted teacher, pastor, musician, and worship leader, Chip is well equipped to provide continuing education for pastors, elders, and church members, including training for ruling elders commissioned to pastoral ministry (formerly commissioned lay pastors). He can lead workshops at presbytery meetings, Committee on Preparation for Ministry retreats, or at other types of events where such education is needed. Chip brings knowledge of the General Assembly Mission Council (GAMC) and its resources, as well as practical experience as a pastor. 

The Office of Theology and Worship and GAMC will pay for Chip’s honorarium. We ask that you simply pay for his travel, room, and board. This is a way for the GAMC and Office of Theology and Worship to make more intentional partnerships with local churches and presbyteries, in order to enhance communication, help with continuing education, and build lasting relationships.

Chip is available for only a certain number of dates this year. To learn more or schedule an event, you may contact Chip directly by email:

Catechumenate training 

For those interested in forming people as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Are you interested in supporting and promoting  Trinitarian, ecumenical, incarnational, and sacramental worship that offers a foretaste of the fullness of God’s Reign?  You may want to attend the Association for Reformed and Liturgical Worship meeting July 25-27, 2012, in partnership with two continuing education events at Princeton Seminary: The Institute of Theology’s “Many Faces of Paul,” and the Engle Institute of Preaching, July 22-27.

Presbyterian Association of Musicians Worship and Music Conferences

Informed by the past, committed to the present, preparing for the future, The Church Music Institute is holding summer training events in  Dallas, Tacoma, and Portland. 


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