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Mission Matters

Addressing Critical Global Issues

After the Dallas II Consultation, World Mission hired three catalysts to work specifically on the issues of poverty, evangelism and reconciliation. Each joined the church in March 2013 and is tasked with connecting Presbyterians around the world to engage in these three critical global issues.

Over the next three issues of your e-newsletter, we will look at each of these three issues in greater detail and introduce you to the Catalysts who are leading the initiatives.

The first: Providing quality education for 1 million children by 2020, will be announced at the Presbyterian Mission Agency Board Meeting in April, and then to the Church’s General Assembly in June in Detroit.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela

It is generally understood that quality education is the best pathway out of poverty. Nearly 59 million school age children worldwide are not enrolled in school and many who are fortunate enough to be in school are not getting the essential skills they need to succeed.

The Presbyterian Church has a deep and rich history of providing access to quality education for children in this country and around the world. Recognizing the enormous scope of the challenge of alleviating poverty, the specific focus of this initiative will be the causes that particular impact women and children. Education promotes the human development and basic skills that empower the poor to emerge from poverty. World Mission wants to be part of the solution through the Church’s commitment and involvement, offering children a future of hope.

The PC(USA) will join together with its partners throughout the U.S. and globally to:

  • support early childhood learning and development opportunities
  • strengthen access to quality basic primary and secondary education
  • build the communities capacity to support schools
  • improve the training and resourcing of teachers at all levels
  • make school environments more “girl friendly”
  • and promote functional literacy programs.

Frank Dimmock, who grew up in North Carolina and graduated from North Carolina State in 1977, is leading the poverty alleviation campaign. Frank and his family are moving to Louisville after 30 years of service in various regions of Africa, where he also assisted in the Christian Health Associations there and helped form a continental network. His extensive experience in poverty work in Africa, especially as it impacts women and children, will guide him as he leads this important work.

Frank Dimmock can be reached at 800-728-7228 x 5039 or

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