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“While he was blessing them, he withdrew from them and was carried up into heaven.” —Luke 24:51

Progress in Haiti: two years later 

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Port-au-Prince, Haiti Summer 2010

The presbyterian effect

(January 12, 2012) - Two years after the earthquake in Haiti, many people who gave to charities are asking why they are not seeing more progress. The answer is often that charitable groups were focused on the immediate needs with little emphasis on long-term recovery. 

This is what sets Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and the Presbyterian Haiti Response Team apart from other relief efforts in Haiti. 

We work to maintain and utilize longtime partnerships to promote long-term recovery. We are in direct dialogue with Haitians and are funding sustainable projects that help those in greatest need.

The following stories and updates are just some of the ways YOU are walking with Haitians as they rebuild their lives:

Haitian workers clear rubble near Léogâne

Haitian workers clear rubble near Léogâne

Haitians helping Haiti
Read how Haitians are rebuilding their homes and learning a livelihood thanks to the support of your donations.

Impact through seeds 
More than 10,000 families received tools and indigenous seeds, both purchased in Haiti, as part of our response.

Hope amid despair
Read how partnering means more effectively serving the people of Haiti, and witness the impact of your gifts as we restore health services.

Work in one small town: a mother’s strength
Marie lost her home and was left to care for children alone.
Learn how Presbyterians are funding a project that is giving her renewed hope.

Recently funded projects (approved in late 2011) 
$652,715 – funding four eco-villages which provide food, livelihood and community through our partner MPP 
$600,000 – housing for Léogâne residents through our partner CRWRC
$530,880 – for the empower people with disabilities initiative with our partner CWS 
$15,192 – refugee support to Presbytery of Charlotte 
$30,000 – helping medical evacuees in Atlanta; to Presbytery of Greater Atlanta

Through the eyes of Haitians 
The people of Haiti are given an opportunity to tell their own stories through this unique Presbyterian project.

Housing project: a brother provides
Meet one young man who is overcoming incredible odds to provide a new life for his family.

Learn more and join us
Plan your mission trip through our mission co-workers to ensure long term sustainability of your projects in Haiti.

Meet our partners in Haiti.

A timeline of Presbyterian work

Presbyterian relief efforts in first year*

(earthquake took place on January 12, 2010)

January 2010
– Presbyterians respond; your donations provide food, clean water and temporary housing for those in immediate need.

February 2010 – funds sent to the small town of Léogâne for emergency relief work; Léogâne is closest to the epicenter and nearly leveled; funds sent for Living Waters project.

March 2010 – funds sent for solar power project.

April 2010 – funds sent for water purification project; funds sent to Fondama to provide food for displaced people.

May 2010 – funds given to the Mouvman Peyizan Papay (MPP) to provide 10,000 families with seeds and tools; feeds displaced people

June 2010 – funds sent to help 20 displaced children.

July 2010 – funds given to Global Health Action for response in Haiti (second grant).

September 2010 – funds sent to repair hospital and nursing school in Leogane.

December 2010 – funds provided to Farmers Movement of Papaye for seeds and tools (one of several grants to MPP).

*Please note: This is not every project funded but a look at some of our major efforts during the first year of response in Haiti. Grants provided to presbyteries are part of the matching grant program



  • Our little country church is part of this Presbyterian effort one step at a time. None of us have a lot, but we can all add up to success in one area at a time. by Arlene on 01/12/2012 at 5:52 p.m.

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