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“Have you considered my servant Job?” —Job 1:3

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Young Adult Volunteers

Clarissa Sents, Chicago, IL, from First Church, McPherson, KS
William “Billy” Sheppard, Chicago, IL, from Rosewell (GA) Church
Kaitlyn Smith, Miami, FL, from Lyttleton Street UMC, Camden, SC
Kalyn Stevwing, New Orleans, LA, from New Wilmington (PA) Church
April Sugimoto, Denver, CO, from Third Reformed Church, Holland, MI
Mallory Tober, the Philippines, from Woods Memorial Church, Severna Park, MD
Molly Turner, Miami, FL, from Timberline Church, Fort Collins, CO
Lauren Voyles, Austin, TX, from New Providence Church, Maryville, TN
Emily Warren, Nashville, TN, from Versailles (KY) Church
Kalli Watson, Northern Ireland, from Palisades Church, San Diego, CA
Emma WestRasmus, Peru, from Community Church of Durham (NH)
Amy Beth Willis, Tucson, AZ, from (Emory) University Worship, Atlanta, GA
Margaret “Maggie” Wood, San Antonio, TX, from Cann Memorial Church, Elizabeth City, NC

Recent retirements and deaths

Information provided by the Office of the General Assembly, based on reports from presbytery stated clerks.

Honorably retired

Jerry E. Blacklaw, Gulf Breeze (FL) Church
Constance M. Button, West Haven Church, Rocky Mount, NC
John C. Chamberlin III, First United Methodist Church of Hayward (CA)
Isabelle F. Davis, Coos Bay, OR
Nancy Claire Essig, Burkeville (VA) Church
John H. Everett, Rossville (IN) Church
Anthony M. Gamley, Mililani Church, Mililani Town, HI
William I. Gracey, Sunset Hills United Church, Mount Lebanon, PA
Darlene G. Hann, Pittsburgh Presbytery
Bruce Edward Hartwig, Chestertown, MD
Edward Harry Horne, Seminario Evangelico Presbiteriano, Guatemala
Polong Calvin Hsu, Emmanuel Church, Rushmore, MN
Samuel Kim, Eastern Korean Presbytery
Stephen C. Klump, Toledo (WA) Church
Young Ko Kwon, Santa Clara, CA
Joseph A. Marting, Southminster Church, Crestwood, MO
Michael M. Mason, O’Fallon, MO
Sara Catherine Mason, Gold River, CA
Kendrick Matthews, First Church, Holland, MN
Cheryl McClanahan, Little Church on the Prairie, Lakewood, WA
Kyun Yong Nah, Korean United Church, Tacoma, WA
Terry Olthoff, First Church, Edgerton, MN
J. Scott Schaefer, Quilcene, WA
Jonathan Schmick, Marine View Church, Tacoma, WA
Norma Spurgin, First Church, Amboy, MN
Jung-Woong Suh, Korean Church of Bloomington, Normal, IL
David L. Templin, Oak Harbor-Whidbey Church, Oak Harbor, WA
Hal V. Thomas, United Faith Church, Fort Wayne, IN
Jesse L. Thornton, Middletown Regional Hospital, South Lebanon, OH
Stephen Joseph Tisinger, Christ Our Anchor Church, Annapolis, MD
John F. Underwood, Community Church, Deer Park, NY
David Wasserman, Grand Canyon Presbytery
Betty Weidert, Lake City (IA) Union Church
Judith Anne Westerhoff, Moriah-Olivet United Church, Utica, NY
Jeff White, First Church, Winston-Salem, NC
Kenneth R. Wilmesherr, Peachtree City, GA
David A. Worth, Beverly Hills (CA) Church


Joseph W. Atkins Jr., 78, 11/13, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Diana C. Austin, 63, 11/24, New York, NY
Marguerite R. Beissert, 99, 10/15, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
John F. Burhorn Jr., 89, 10/7, Chesterfield, IN
Eugene S. Callender, 87, 11/2, New York, NY
Tomas Chavez Jr., 86, 11/29, San Antonio, TX
Frank B. Christ, 80, 12/3, Seattle, WA
E. Gil Clary Jr., 87, 8/24/13, Richmond Hill, GA
Russell R. Davis, 85, 12/10, Richmond, VA
Alfred Edwin Drake, 91, 12/27, Columbus, IN
Else Farr, 93, 11/10, Duarte, CA
Donald C. Fehr, 83, 8/6/13, Brunswick, GA
Ambrose Finlay, 82, 7/7/13, Kingston, Jamaica
Pamela Martin Flower, 67, 11/3, Akron, OH
Connolly Currie Gamble Jr., 90, 10/13, Richmond, VA
James H. Goodner, 83, 10/14, Jacksonville, FL
George B. Grose, 86, 7/16/13, Winfield, KS
Bey Grunder, 88, 12/6, Hilton Head, SC
Jay Lester Ketchie, 78, 9/28, Columbia, MO
Kenneth E. McCall, 82, 1/9, Escanaba, MI



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