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“Have you considered my servant Job?” —Job 1:3

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small church residency program

Joel Montgomery, Vandalia, MO, Pittsburgh Seminary

Young Adult Volunteers

Emma Cushman-Wood, Northern Ireland, from Chicago, IL
Sarah Davis, Denver, CO, from Charlottesville, VA
Brent Davis, Hollywood, CA, from South Park, PA
Molly DeWitt, Korea, from Calvary Church, Logansport, IN
Colleen Earp, New Orleans, LA, from Church of Toms River (NJ)
Daniel Edmonds, Atlanta, GA, from Trinity Church, Columbia, MO
Heather Gerrish, Tucson, AZ, from Ginter Park Church, Richmond, VA
Catherine Gillette, Austin, TX, from Limestone Church, Wilmington, DE
Eric Gleason, Korea, from Warrenton (VA) Church
John Haney, Boston, MA, from Rocky Spring Church, Deerfield, VA
Audrey Holt, Boston, MA, from Topeka, KS
Kathleen Hubbard, New Orleans, LA, from North Wilkesboro (NC) Church
Rachel Huggins, Atlanta, GA, from Bush Hill Church, Alexandria, VA
Anna L. Keith, New Orleans, LA, from First Church, Moultrie, GA
Su Yeon Kim, Miami, FL, from Korean First Church, Charlotte, NC
Duncan Kirk, Philippines, from Highland Church, Louisville, KY
Abigail Kraft, Philippines, from First Church, Beaufort, SC
John Kupar, Hollywood, CA, from Maxwell Street Church, Lexington, KY

Recent retirements and deaths

Information provided by the Office of the General Assembly, based on reports from presbytery stated clerks.

Honorably retired

Susan M. Ashton, San Francisco, CA
Charles H. Baier Jr., Central Church, Summit, NJ
Diana M. Barkley, Walnut Creek (CA) Church
Alan B. Beasley, Exeter House, Seattle, WA
Michael Boyland, Irvington Church, Fremont, CA
Louise Brokaw, Presbytery of Lake Huron
Ann O. Brunger, Blount Memorial Hospital, Louisville, TN
Faulder Colby, Clinton, WA
William L. Davis, Presbytery of the Cascades
Judith L. Donaldson, Carlin, NV
Laurence T. Doty, First Church, Middletown, OH
William T. Ekhardt, Northminster Church, Bakersfield, CA
Paul W. Evans, Gainesville, GA
Kenneth E. Howard, Covenant Church, Springboro, OH
Beverly Hughes, Trinity Church, The Colony, TX
Dennis J. Hughes, Northminster Church, Seattle, WA
Leslie R. Hyder, Woodbridge, MA
Nancy H. Kilgore, Post Mills, VT
George T. Lashley, Palmdale Church, Melbourne, FL
Jody C. LeFort, Presbytery of the Western Reserve
Marilyn L. Manning, Valley Church, Paradise Valley, AZ
Linda A. Norris, United Church, Riverton, WY
Rosalie Otters, Little Rock, AR
David Pan, Church in Chinatown, San Francisco, CA


Roy Byrd, 91, 8/17, Happy, TX
John H. Criswell, 93, 8/14, Tavares, FL
Charles R. Croghan Jr., 88, 7/23, Fort Pierce, FL
James W. Fisher, 72, 9/20, Lilburn, GA
Courtney A. Furman, 82, 8/17, Olathe, KS
James W. Gillespie, 95, 8/18, Dixon, IL
William E. Hammond, 86, 9/18, Marietta, GA
Charles J. Hanna Jr., 88, 7/27, Lexington, KY
Robert T. Haynes Jr., 87, 8/26, Charlottesville, VA
Gerald C. Johnson, 77, 7/23/12, Cedar Rapids, IA
Robert H. London Jr., 82, 6/26, Clarks Summit, PA
Arch L. MacNair, 1/2/12, Nashville, TN
Francis B. Mayes, 79, 8/31, Wilmington, NC
William H. Morrison, 82, 8/16, Charlotte, NC
Donovan O. Norquist, 88, 3/16/11, Wilmington, DE
Ralyn C. Parkhill, 89, 8/21, Athena, LA
Thomas Schellingerhout, 86, 6/18, Saint Peters, MO
Alfred G. Severin, 88, 7/8, Houston, TX
H. Richard Sicilano, 91, 9/1, Houston, TX
Richard E. Sigler, 86, 8/28, Mechanicsburg, PA
P. David Snellgrove, 71, 4/6/11, Batesville, MS
Howard J. Svoboda, 89, 6/5, Omaha, NE
Wilbert M. Tom, 79, 7/20, Medford, OR
Nancy L. Tomlinson, 60, 6/22, Cadillac, MI
David Uhl, 74, 1/19/13, Cape Coral, FL
James E. Wallace, 91, 5/28, Denver, CO
Gary L. Wolfer, 69, 7/10, Denver, CO


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