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“Do not doubt, but believe.” John 20:27


Many resources are available on the topic of faith and science. Unless otherwise indicated, the following resources are available at (search by title).


Faith Questions: Faith and Science—a four-session youth study Click here
Pittsburgh Theological Seminary—through teaching and dialogue, Science and Theology Focus equips pastors to provide leadership in their own congregations:
Princeton Theological Seminary Science for Ministry Institute—courses for busy working professionals interested in examining questions of origins and human nature:
Zygon Center for Religion and Science—the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago sponsors classes, conferences, and workshops:

Networks and ministries

AAAS Dialogue on Science, Ethics,
American Scientific Affiliation—a network of Christians in the sciences:
BioLogos—a community of evangelical Christians committed to exploring the compatibility of evolutionary creation and biblical faith:
Christians in Science—international network of people concerned with the relationship between science and Christian faith:
PC(USA) office of Theology and Worship—providing faith and science resources and guidance for the church:
Presbyterian Association on Science, Technology, and the Christian Faith—helping Presbyterians study, understand, discuss, and act on the implications of science:
Scientists in Congregations—a grant program supporting sustained, creative collaboration between scientists and pastors:


Counterbalance Interactive Library—offering resources on issues such as the evolution/creation debate:
In Life and in Death We Belong to God—a study guide examining end-of-life issues, published in response to the 202nd General Assembly (1990):
Making Sense of Evolution—a provocative take on reconciling evolution and Christian theology Click here
Metanexus—an online magazine pursuing scientific knowledge and a healthy, just, and sustainable future:
Surprised by Meaning—in 13 short, accessible chapters, Alister McGrath leads the reader through a discussion of science and faith. Click here
Talk of God, Talk of Science—video interviews from 2013 Talk of God, Talk of Science conference:
The Dialogue between Science and Faith—a theological statement from the 1982 General Assembly of the PCUS:
The Language of God (Free Press, 2006)—Francis Collins combines his faith and experience as a genetics researcher:

Coming Events

Second Ecclesiology Colloquium, Princeton, NJ
Neal Presa, moderator of the General Assembly, will host his second national conversation about how we can best organize our life together as a community.

Second Conversation on Unity with Difference, Princeton, NJ
Hosted by Neal Presa, this conversation will focus on the nature of confessions in the Reformed traditions and how these statements relate to ongoing discussions about marriage.

Association of Presbyterian Church Educators annual event, San Jose, CA
This conference for educators in the PC(USA) and four other denominations in the United States and Canada will address the theme
“connectED.” Workshop information and registration are now available.

MARCH 21–24
Ecumenical Advocacy Days, Washington, DC
This high-impact weekend, sponsored by the ecumenical Christian community, is grounded in biblical witness and our shared traditions of justice, peace, and the integrity of creation. The goal is to strengthen the Christian voice and mobilize for advocacy through workshops and lobby visits. This year’s theme is “Jesus Weeps—Resisting Violence, Building Peace.”


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