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“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord.” —Isa. 6:3

Mission Statement

How can the church fulfill its calling to worship God, to think responsibly about its faith, and to be obedient to God in all areas of life? The Office of Theology and Worship works in partnership with persons throughout the church, providing services and resources to help congregations strive for integrity in theology, worship, and mission.

The Office of Theology and Worship participates in the church's calling to love God and neighbor with heart, soul, and mind. The Office of Theology and Worship encourages the whole church—its congregations, ministers, and members—in faithful thinking, praying, and living.

Under the leading of the Holy Spirit, our work is structured by the needs of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), a particular expression of the one holy catholic and apostolic church, the body of Christ. The Office of Theology and Worship focuses its work in four areas:

  • Ministers: The Office of Theology and Worship supports pastors and other church leaders in claiming the church's theological and liturgical tradition. The office strives to enhance the church's ability to think faithfully about the reign of God in the world.
  • Congregations: The Office of Theology and Worship supports congregations in fostering faithful worship and deeper engagement in the Christian faith, assisting them in interpreting the gospel and the Reformed tradition in the North American context.
  • Governing Bodies: The Office of Theology and Worship supports the ministry of the General Assembly, synods, and presbyteries. The office fulfills mandates from the General Assembly and assists all governing bodies to engage theological, confessional, ethical, and liturgical issues.
  • The Church Ecumenical: The Office of Theology and Worship works to engage Presbyterians in the search for the visible unity of Christ's Church, for the sake of the gospel. The office facilitates participation in national and international conversations concerning common faith, common worship, and common witness.

The Office of Theology and Worship seeks to be captive to the Word of God, relying upon the witness of the Old and New Testament Scriptures and the guidance of The Book of Confessions in theological and ethical formation. The office depends upon the Directory for Worship as it develops resources and programs that enrich the church's worship life.

Our mission is to serve the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) by enabling reflection on the resources of the Christian faith to illumine our thinking, enliven our praying, and empower our living for the sake of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who is worshiped and glorified with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever. Amen.


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