Graduate/theological programs

The Presbyterian Study Grant is the one-stop application for aid from the PC(USA) for M.Div. and/or M.A.C.E. students attending our Presbyterian-related seminaries. The Presbyterian Study Grant application can be filled out for any of these three programs:

  • Presbyterian Study Grant
    For full-time theological students enrolled in Master of Divinity or Master of Christian Education Program.
  • Racial Ethnic Supplemental Grant
    For African American, Alaska Native, Asian American, Hispanic American or Native American students who have been awarded the Presbyterian Study Grant and have remaining need.
  • Native American Supplemental Grant
    Grants assist Native American and Alaska natives pursuing full-time post-secondary education.

Transformational Leadership Debt Assistance

Transformational Leadership Debt Assistance offers loan repayment assistance for pastors of small PC(USA) congregations and emerging worshiping communities engaged in a part-time and/or temporary pastoral position. You can find information on that program here.