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Purpose statement

Youth Curriculum | Provide your church with resources that teach teenagers and young adults they can turn to their Bible and the Reformed tradition to find guidance throughout their lives.Adult Curriculum | Engage the adults in your congregation with one of our many resources for adult study.

Presbyterians Organized in Nurture and Teaching (POINT) is a network of Christian educators who offer education expertise and curriculum interpretation skills to churches in their area. These volunteers, appointed by each presbytery and equipped through the Presbyterian Mission Agency, lead the way in assisting churches with their educational ministry.

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Youth | Adults | Free e-book vs Joining the Feast


POINT network to meet for pre-event at 2017 APCE event

Registration for the 2017 POINT (Presbyterians Organized in Nurture and Teaching) Gathering is online. The gathering will be in Denver as part of the APCE (Association of Presbyterian Church Educators) annual event. POINT representatives receive training on resources published by Congregational Ministries Publishing. Your presbytery is encouraged to designate two POINT representatives who may choose POINT section A or POINT section B and may also register for the POINT lunch.