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How your  Peacemaking Offering gift is used

2011 Peacemaking expenditures


It is projected that Presbyterians will contribute approximately $2,000,000 to the Peacemaking Offering in 2011 to support ministries that seek peace and work for justice across the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Each congregation that receives the Peacemaking Offering is encouraged to retain 25 percent for ministries of peacemaking within the congregation and its community. Presbyteries and synods divide 25 percent to support their ministries. The General Assembly Mission Council receives 50 percent of the offering.

Peacemaking Offering funds amounting to $993,088 are budgeted for use by GAMC programs in 2011. The Presbyterian Peacemaking Program receives the largest part of this portion of the offering. The Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations receives a small amount.

Guided by its original mandate, Peacemaking: The Believers’ Calling, and the General Assembly, the program assists the church as it responds to God’s call to “seek peace and pursue it” (1 Peter 3:11). In accordance with 218th and 219th General Assembly actions, the program joins with the whole church’s commitment to “Grow Christ’s Church Deep and Wide.” Therefore, the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program seeks specific ways to help the church grow in evangelism, discipleship, servanthood, and diversity.

How the General Assembly Mission Council Plans to Spend Its 50 percent Share of the Offering in 2011

Presbyterian Peacemaking Program                                                                                                       


  • Facilitate the International Peacemakers Program, which brings church leaders from other countries to the United States to share the peacemaking concerns of their churches. Eleven peacemakers will make more than 60 visits in late September and early October.
  • Maintain a presence on Facebook: Presbyterian Peacemaking Program and Presbyterians Say No to Child Soldiers.
  • Provide an exhibit at the Big Tent where the participants are invited to engage in peacemaking through prayer and advocacy on the issue of child soldiers.
  • Preach and teach in presbyteries and congregations.



  • Send two individuals as election observers to the Philippines in response to a request from our partners there and in partnership with the Office on Asia and the Pacific.
  • Host an international leader on the effort to end human trafficking to share insights from her ministry and experience with Presbyterians.
  • Participate in the evaluation of the Colombia Accompaniment Program.
  • Invite Presbyterians to participate in the Red Hands campaign to end the use of child soldiers in partnership with the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations and the Office on Child Advocacy.
  • Equip congregations to respond to and reduce gun violence in their communities, as directed by the 219th General Assembly.
  • Participate in the Human Trafficking Roundtable; provide web and print resources to help build awareness and take action to combat human trafficking
  • Give grants from the proceeds of the Peacemaking Program’s dessert gathering at General Assembly to the Nonviolent Peaceforce and African Health Action Corporation, which works on HIV/AIDS issues.
  • Plan travel/study seminars to the Philippines in 2012 and to Northern Ireland in 2013.
  • Take part in a PC(USA) delegation to Israel and Palestine in 2011.
  • Create a Web page on conscientious objection and military service.
  • Provide resources to help Presbyterians support efforts for peace and justice in Sudan, Israel and Palestine, the Philippines, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Colombia, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and other places around the world.
  • Provide resources to help Presbyterians address issues related to nuclear weapons, cluster munitions, land mines, gun violence, armed conflict’s impact on the environment, conflict and extractable resources, and more.
  • Support and provide leadership for the 219th General Assembly action calling for the formation of a Peace Discernment Steering Team to discern future directions in peacemaking.


  • Help lead workshops about building inclusive community at Menaul School.
  • Help lead the Riverside Conversation on “Equipping the Church for Ministry with God’s Diverse Family” during the 219th General Assembly (2010).
  • Complete study called for by Reparations Task Force.
  • Serve on the support network for PC(USA) mission co-workers engaged in ministries related to peacemaking.

Presbyterian United Nations Office                                                                                                       

  • Offer seminars and other educational events to inspire, equip, and connect Presbyterians as faithful disciples of Jesus in the global community. 

Peacemaking Offering Promotion                                                                                                       

  • Create resources for congregations, mid-councils, and the General Assembly Mission Council to promote and interpret the Peacemaking Offering throughout the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). 

Administrative and Program Support Services                                                                                    

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