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“The word of God is living and active.” —Heb. 4:12

Small Church and Community Ministry
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Scholarships and grants

Leadership Training Scholarships

Leadership development and training for additional skills are critical for pastors and key lay leaders to help small, rural and urban congregations be most effective in their ministries. The Small Church and Community Ministry Office is linked with a number of training networks and seminaries that can help provide needed skills assessment. In addition, there are scholarships to help clergy and laity to attend workshops, conferences and training events that you think will be relevant to your ministry.

In the area of Leadership Development, the Small Church and Community Ministry Office provides the following resources:

Scholarships for Training Events

The Small Church and Community Ministry Office provides scholarships up to $200 for people to attend training events.

Scholarships for Community Organizing Training

The Presbyterian Hunger Program provides scholarships up to $500 to help Presbyterians attend training events run by the national networks of community organizing (such as IAF, PICO, DART and Gamaliel Foundation).

Scholarship applications are accepted throughout the year. All applications must include a current W-9 form. If you have any questions about the scholarship eligibility or process, please contact:  Trey Hammond by email or at (505) 239-8674.  If you have any questions about the scholarship application, please contact:  Jennifer Evans by email or at (888) 728-7228 x5819.

Congregation Based Community Organizing Grants

Congregational Based Community Organizing (CBCO) is a strategy for rebuilding communities, revitalizing congregations and developing individuals into effective leaders and change agents. A CBCO is generally a coalition of congregations (usually interfaith in nature), service providers and community groups whose common mission is to listen to community residents, identify critical issues and respond in strategic ways that affect the quality of life of the community.

The Presbyterian Church has been a catalyst in the evolution of this movement since its inception in the 1950s. The denomination has been one of the major funders nationally and hundreds of congregations have been involved at the grassroots level.

Many CBCOs are related to national training networks (such as IAF, DART, PICO and Gamaliel) or they may be more independent in nature and training. What they share is a commitment that acting in the public arena from a faith perspective is critical in holding institutions accountable for building a just society.

CBCO Start Up Grants

These grants fund new broad-based community organizations that are less than three years old. These grants are committed for one year at a time and an organization is eligible for a maximum of three years funding. They do not have to be consecutive grants. The grants sum range generally from $5,000 to $6,000 depending on the demonstrated need. Only online applications will be considered.

CBCO Housing Grants

These funds support the advocacy work of CBCOs in the areas of homelessness and affordable housing. The grants are specifically focused on the kind of public policy and economic strategies that effect a city or state. Generally the efforts of a congregation or a housing non-profit are not eligible for these grants unless  a part of a larger existing CBCO strategy.  These grants are only committed for one year at a time, but a CBCO is eligible for a total of five years funding. The grants sum range generally from $5,000 to $6,000 depending on the demonstrated need. Only online applications will be considered. Contact Trey Hammond if you have any questions about the eligibility of your organization at (505) 239-8674.

See the Presbyterian Hunger Program's, CBCO grants page for the application process and further information.

Community Organizing Network Training Grants

Grants are available for community organization training efforts of large national training networks and smaller regional training events. These networks generally provide training slots for Presbyterian leadership at national training events of the major networks, such as IAF, PICO, DART, Gamaliel Foundation, IVP, and others. As well, these grants have supported other organizations whose primary interest is community organizing training.

See the Presbyterian Hunger Program's, CBCO grants page for the application process and further information

Continuing Education

Grants awarded will help pastors attend training events that will enable them to serve the church community. Pastors serving congregations of 150 members or fewer may apply for funds to assist with the Doctor of Ministry degree. These funds are available for the first three years of study. Read more about continuing education grants.

Grants For Small Churches Located In Texas

The New Braunfels Presbyterian Church session, responding to the many needs of small churches, created and funded an outreach program. Qualifying churches in Texas can apply. The grants will be awarded to small churches for a variety of requests to include educational or youth programs, outreach projects, facilities, music and pastor study grants or other needs. Read more about grants for small churches in Texas.

Boudinot Library Fund

Provides useful books to small churches (150 members or fewer) that have limited resources to obtain books. The books are to be selected by pastors for their use, but as the property of the church will remain with the church. Contact Laura Bryan at (800) 728-7228, x5735 for more details about the award.


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