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“The word of God is living and active.” —Heb. 4:12

Small Church and Community Ministry
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Congregation-based/community-based community organizing

The Association of Community Organization for Reform Now (ACORN)
A organization of low- and moderate-income families, working together for social justice and stronger communities.

Center for Community Change
The organization works to help establish and develop community organizations across the country, "bring attention to major national issues related to poverty," and "help insure that government programs are responsive to community needs."

Center for New Community
This organization works with communities, organizations, coalitions and congregations that share a vision of a democratic future based on human rights, justice and equality.

Center for Third World Organizing
A racial-justice organization dedicated to building a social-justice movement led by people of color.

Direct Action and Research Training (DART)
A training center committed to building powerful, diverse, congregation-based and democratically run organizations capable of winning justice on issues facing the community.

Gamaliel Foundation
A network of 60 affiliates in 21 states across the United States and five provinces of South Africa represents multi-faith, multi-racial church-going people who work on social justice campaigns.

Industrial Areas Foundation
A social change foundation working to build a political base of religious congregations, labor locals, homeowner groups, recovery groups, parents associations, settlement houses, immigrant societies, schools, seminaries and religious orders.

Interfaith Funders
A network of faith-based and secular grantmakers committed to social change and economic justice.

InterValley Project
A New England organizing network working with Maine religious, labor and community leaders to help them organize a sixth IVP-model organization.

Midwest Academy
The academy teaches an organizing philosophy, methods and skills that enable ordinary people to actively participate in the democratic process.

National Training and Information Center
The center works to build grassroots leadership and strengthen neighborhoods through issue-based community organizing.

PICO National Network
A national network of faith-based community organizations working to create innovative solutions to problems facing urban, suburban and rural communities.

Regional Congregations and Neighborhood Organizations
A Philadelphia based organization that instructs clergy and lay persons in the art of community organizing, public policy formation and program development.

Western Organization of Resources Councils
WORC’s mission is to advance the vision of a democratic, sustainable, and just society through community action and is committed to building sustainable environmental and economic communities that balance economic growth with the health of people and stewardship of their land, water, and air resources.


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