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Mid Council SDOP Committees

Synods and Presbyteries are geographical regions in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).  All projects in the United States will be located within the bounds of both a Presbytery (there are 173 Presbyteries in the United Sates) and a Synod (there are 16 Synods in the United States).

While not all Synods and Presbyteries have SDOP Committees, many do.  If a project is in a Presbytery/Synod with a SDOP Committee, applications for funding can be submitted to the Presbytery and/or Synod SDOP Committee as well as to the National SDOP Committee, as long as money from each source will be used to finance different parts of your project. 

Grants from Presbytery or Synod SDOP Committees are usually smaller than ones from the National SDOP Committee.  Presbytery and Synod SDOP Committees may have a different application form than National SDOP, and (unlike National SDOP) may also have application deadlines. You’ll need to contact the Presbytery or Synod directly to learn about their application process.  To find out if your Presbytery and Synod have a SDOP Committee, and to learn how to contact them, call the national SDOP office at (800) 728-7228, x5791.

SDOP Mid Council Listing



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