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writing-notes-idea-conferenceThe Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of People (SDOP) is prepared to establish partnerships with groups in the United States who:

  • are oppressed by poverty and social systems,
  • want to take charge of their own lives,
  • have organized or are organizing to do something about their own conditions,
  • have decided that what they are going to do will produce long term changes for their lives or communities,
  • utilize some combination of the SDOP core strategies to promote justice, build solidarity, advance human dignity, advocate for economic equity,
  • will control the programs they own and will benefit from them directly.

Partnerships are initiated by applications to the Self-Development of People Committee and are evaluated using Self-Development’s funding criteria and overarching SDOP program measures.

If you have received a grant from SDOP, please see the required documents page to see what reports and documents you’ll need to complete.

business-card-exchangeYou may send grant applications:

  •  Or by post office to:

Self-Development of People
100 Witherspoon Street
Louisville, KY 40202

National Pre-Applications

National Applications

SDOP Application rev (English, Word doc)
SDOP Application rev (English, PDF)

International Pre-Applications—Belize only

NOTE: Due to changes in our funding focus we are only accepting international applications from groups in Belize.