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“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord.” —Isa. 6:3

Invitation to Christ
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Water Prayers

These “Water Prayers,” composed by the Rev. Marney Wasserman, are offered as models for simple, one-sentence prayer that one might use when touching the water of the font and remembering one’s baptism. Each is based on an image or story from Scripture and speaks to some facet of human experience. Consider using these prayers (or others like them) in personal devotion, perhaps as you enter the sanctuary or prepare for worship. You might also introduce this form of prayer to a Bible study or Sunday school class or lead a small group in writing their own water prayers.

Sweep away my fear in the raging flood of your grace. (Exodus 14)

Lead me beside the still waters of your presence. (Psalm 23)

Let my roots grow deep in your righteous stream. (Psalm 1)

Wash me clean in the drenching rains of your mercy. (Psalm 51)

Quench my thirst in the deep wells of your friendship. (Isaiah 12)

Let me drink deeply from the living waters of your love. (John 4)

Restore me with the healing balm of your faithfulness. (John 5)

Hold me fast when the rivers of chaos swirl around me. (Isaiah 43)


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