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“Then God spoke all these words …” Exod. 20:1

Help for Congregations

Research Strategies for Congregations

Updated March 2007

This information packet helps congregations study who they are as a congregation and learn more about their local community using qualitative and quantitative information-gathering exercises that are involving, participatory in nature, and easy to use. This information packet contains detailed instructions for the following strategies:

  • Three-By-Five Card Surveys
  • Ten-Minute Interviews
  • Wall of Wonder
  • Mapping Member Networks
  • In-Home Meetings
  • Congregational Surveys
  • Conducting a Mail Survey
  • Door-to-Door Canvas
  • Interviewing Community Leaders
  • Presentations by Key Leaders
  • Web Sites for Congregations
  • Research Web Pages
  • Building a Planning Committee
  • Other Resources Available from Research Services
  • Putting It All Together
  • Stories from Congregations
  • Bibliography


Ordering information for hardcopy version

To order any of the resources or for information about conducting Church Home Improvement Projects, call (800) 728-7228, x2040 or send us an email.

Cost $10


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