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“Let all the inhabitants of the land tremble, for the day of the LORD is coming, it is near.” —Joel 2:1b

Re-Forming Ministry
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The Re-Forming Ministry program: Why Re-Forming Ministry? What is Re-Forming Ministry?

We live in a time of uncertainty for the church. The church’s place in our culture is shifting. Which means it often is not where we thought it was. Old understandings of church need to be reassessed: some to be set aside, others carried forward, new understandings developed and some old (even ancient) understandings recovered and reworked.

Theological reflection is vital in such a situation. Without significant clarity about who and whose we are, about what that means for walking together the way of Jesus Christ, we are unable to overcome the attraction of passing ecclesial fads and the siren call of faith in techniques and procedures.

Re-Forming ministry gathers pastors, governing body leaders and professors together as equals in a shared task, seeking to help the Church move forward with its mind as with its heart.

In this video, Re-Forming Ministry participants talk about their experiences and share how their participation fed the professional and personal components of their ministry and led to the formation of theological friendships.

Why Re-Forming Ministry?

Follow the analysis of our situation that undergirds Re-Forming Ministry:

What is the Re-Forming Ministry program?

Follow further discussion of the structure of Re-Forming Minsitry:

Why focus on the church?


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