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“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord.” —Isa. 6:3

Racial Justice
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Racial justice training and/or individual consultations

If you are seeking support or additional resources in your congregation or governing body toward achieving parity for racial justice in the church, please email Sera Chung for further information, assistance or to arrange for a consultation.


Building the Beloved Community Building the Beloved Community - Building the Beloved Community is an exercise in cultural awareness. The training is designed to assist individuals, mid councils (MGBs), and congregations with their effort to understand the dynamics of privilege and systemic racism. The objective is self-awareness and personal growth.  Historical and contemporary understandings of how injustice, power, and privilege impact society are explored in dialogue. (Course available in 6 Hour Full Training, a 4 Hour Course, and a 2 Hour Introductory Seminar)

Faces of the Enemy – A guided discussion based upon the work of Sam Keen author of the documentary “Faces of the Enemy.”  This course explores enemy making, the media, propaganda, racism, and war.   (3 Hour Course)

Gender, Race and Class: Exploring Intersectionality - Participants will explore the ways in which class and gender intersect with systemic racism in their own lives and in the social organizations and institutions in which they participate. (4 Hour Course)

Internalized Oppression - This four hour course uses biblical characters to explore the effects of internalized oppression.  Participants are led through a series of exercises for self discovery and empowerment. The objective is building healthier self esteems, teaching how to embrace the power of forgiveness, gaining self-determination, and living with self-love.  (4 Hour Course)

Power and Privilege – Understanding power and privilege is the first principal in changing attitudes about sexism and gender justice. Power and privilege determines who is at the table. Who has access and who has decision making power. This workshop explores these issues and creates a safe place to discuss how they affect our lives and church. (2 Hour Course)

Worship Where Faith and Culture Meet - This 90 minute workshop includes an introduction to African American, Latino/Latina, Asian, Middle Eastern, Native American, and Euro-American cultures in the United States.  Common features typically found in the various group’s worship services are discussed and explored.  The workshop will include a 30 minute lecture, breakout discussion, an article review, and small group story sharing. (1.5 hour Course)

Cultural Proficiency 101 - will include an overview of the three Gender and Racial Justice components (anti-racism, anti-sexism and power and privilege). Participants will learn the art of welcoming the stranger by naming their own fears and learning new ways to building the beloved community. Given that the North American society is becoming more diverse in terms of culture, class, ethnicity, and that women's issues are becoming increasingly important as well. This class is a must for those who desire to be able to minister and evangelize effectively in this new post-Christian, postmodern age.


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