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“The bush was blazing, yet it was not consumed.” Exod. 3:2

Presbyterian Women
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For more information:

Susan Jackson Dowd
(844) 797-2872, x5368
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Or write to
100 Witherspoon Street
Louisville, KY 40202

PW Staff

The national staff of Presbyterian Women carries out the purpose and programming of the organization. Staff members are available to answer your questions about the organization and its projects, as well as to serve as keynote speakers, workshop leaders or in other leadership positions at events.

Susan Jackson Dowd
(844) 797-2872, x5368
or email
Executive Director
Administration, Churchwide Coordinating Team, Gathering, Horizons, giving

Betsy Ensign-George
(844) 797-2872, x5366
or email
PW Associate Editor
Horizons Bible study

Sharon Dunne Gillies
(844) 797-2872, x5688
or email
PW Associate Editor
Horizons content, Web content, permissions, translations

Cindy Goodman
(844) 797-2872, x5387
or email
PW Program Associate
Thank and Birthday Offering

Veronica Green
(844) 797-2872, x5844
or email
PW Program Assistant
CCT arrangements, resources, meetings, admin

Carissa Herold
(844) 797-2872, x5322
or email
PW Marketing Associate
Promotion, advertising, marketing, subscriptions

Yvonne Hileman
(844) 797-2872, x5897
or email
PW Assistant Editor
Copyediting, project management, justice and peace

Laura M. Lee
(844) 797-2872, x5400
or email
PW Art Director
Production/project management, art direction, design

Patricia Longfellow
(844) 797-2872, x 8015
or email
PW Program Assistant
Information, data bases, racial ethnic support

Rhonda Martin
(844) 797-2872, x5596
or email
PW Finance Manager
Budget, contracts

Nancy McWhorter
(844) 797-2872, x8014
or email
PW Program Assistant
Honorary Life Memberships, leadership grants, general info

Stephanie Morris
(844) 797-2872, x5358
or email
PW Designer
Design, production, Web, technical support

Debbie Paris
(844) 797-2872, x5662
or email
PW Communications Specialist
Design, production, displays, technical

Katharine Reeves
(844) 797-2872, x5402
or email
Program Associate
Synod support, Global Exchange, Together in Service, USA Mission Experience, leader development

Theresa Slaiman
(844) 797-2872, x5398
or email
PW Program Associate
Budget, contracts, grants, inventory, subscriptions

Jung Ju Winner
(844) 797-2872, x5389
or email
PW Communications Specialist
Promotion/marketing materials, event support, Horizons rep

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