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Presbyterian Women
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Presbyterian Women in the Congregation

Presbyterian Women in the Congregation (PWC) exists to build community, affirm women’s calls toleadership, raise concerns and channel information to and fro Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery.

At the most basic level, every PWC group

  • elects its own leadership — the coordinating team
  • plans and implements a yearly program and determines its own budget
  • meets in small groups and participates in PW programming, such as use of the Horizons Bible study, celebration giving, mission interpretation and special ministries to the congregation and community
  • supports the mission of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) worldwide through education, interpretation, global awareness and financial and material gifts
  • develops the leadership abilities of women
  • recognizes its accountability to the session, including an annual report with a financial record
  • preserves historical records of PW
  • maintains connections with PW at other governing body levels
  • benefits from the services of the PW leadership network.
  • encourages support of PW’s affiliations

The specifics of how a Presbyterian Women in the Congregation group operates depends on the needs and desires of the group. Some congregations have multiple PWC groups, often called circles; some have only one group. Some circles dedicate themselves to one goal only — Bible study, mission or a yearly meeting — while other circles have several projects and goals throughout the year.

To examine factors that influence the existence, health and success of a PW group, Presbyterian Women commissioned a study on PW groups in the congregations from Research, Evaluation, Facilitation and Training (REFT) Institute Inc., a professional research organization.

Share or update the names of the leaders of your PWC group with the national level; fill out a database change form to make sure your PWC receives mailings and information from the national level.

Read what other PW groups are doing, ask questions and answer other PWs questions.

Circle Basics

What is a circle?
What is the life cycle of a circle?
How do I start a circle in my congregation?

Read more about circle basics.

Circle Leadership

What are the leadership roles for a circle?
What qualities are needed in a circle leader?
What are the circle leader’s responsibilities?

Read more about circle leadership.

Circle Life

What should be included in a circle meeting?
What events should the circle keep in mind?

Read more about circle life.



  • Hi Betty! To learn more about PWC groups, please go here: and see if that will help. In addition, you can get all the duties and structure of PW in the congregations from the PW Manual. Order a downloadable edition at . The cost is $6. Hope this helps! by Patricia Longfellow on 04/03/2013 at 3:14 p.m.

  • I am interested in learning about the local church structure of Presbyterian Women, specifically guidelines on duties, etc of each member of the Coordinating Team. Can you point me in the right direction? by Betty Busch on 04/02/2013 at 7:31 p.m.

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