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“I give you a new commandment, that you love one another.” — John 13:34

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Prayerfully Supporting Women and the Choices They Make

Problem Pregnancies and Abortion

The 204th General Assembly (1992) Response to The Report of the Special Committee on Problem Pregnancies and Abortion (Majority Report)


The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has worked for years to address the diverse opinions concerning individuals and families who face problem pregnancies and the question of abortion. In an effort to be an agent of healing in the life of our denomination, a diverse special committee was formed and composed a majority report, “Problem Pregnancies and Abortion,”  that was adopted by the 204th (1992) General Assembly and has remained Presbyterian policy for 15 years.

This 1992 report on problem pregnancies and abortion recognizes that part of the task of the church is to wrestle faithfully with the different issues that face human beings in the midst of a fallen creation. While significant disagreements remain among Presbyterians, the 1992 report affirmed the ability of women to make good moral choices in regard to problem pregnancies, including decisions about abortion.

When a woman faces the difficult situation of a problem pregnancy, entities of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A), including Presbyterians Affirming Reproductive Options (PARO), recognize the complicated circumstances that, as the report says, we have neither the wisdom nor authority to address or decide for each woman. Therefore, PARO, in compliance with the report adopted by the 204th General Assembly, affirms and prayerfully supports the wide range of choices that should be available to women: respect and healthcare for the woman and child before and after birth, adoption or termination of the pregnancy.

While church members may not always be able to agree on the morality of abortion or the use and interpretation of Scripture, the PC(USA) does provide for freedom and exercise of conscience on this matter which so clearly divides us. Though we can agree that the fall of creation has had great effect on human sexuality and procreation, we are thankful that God is always involved in the work of redemption. 


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