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“Nothing will be impossible with God.” —Luke 1:37

Presbyterian Peacemaking Program
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The 2014 International Peacemakers will be itinerating across the United States from September 19 – October 12. Check the schedule below to see if a peacemaker will be in your region. The contact person listed will be coordinating the peacemaker's speaking engagements in each area. 

Nicole Ashwood – Carribean
Salem Presbytery (NC) Sept. 20-23, contact Laura Spangler
New Hope Presbytery (NC) Sept. 25-29, contact William Bodisco Massink
Lake Michigan Presbytery (MI) Oct. 1-5, contact Laurie Tupper
Missouri Union Presbytery (MO) Oct. 7-12, contact Bob Hansen

Yasmin Cristina Mosquera Garcia – Colombia
Winnebago Presbytery (WI) Sept. 20-23, contact Nancy Barczak
Presbytery of the Pacific (CA) Sept. 25 - 27, contact Heidi Worthen Gamble
Presbytery of Riverside (CA) Sept. 28 - Oct. 1, contact Bruce Myers
Stockton Presbytery (CA) Oct. 3-7, contact Cheryl Hunt
North Alabama Presbytery (AB) Oct. 9-12, contact Mary Witherspoon

Ibrahim Makram Ghattas Bebawy - Egypt
Synod of Mid-America (KS) Sept. 20-23, contact Sue Collar
Eastern Oregon Presbytery (OR) Sept. 25 - Oct. 2, contact Barbara Clark
Greater Atlanta (GA) Oct. 4-7, contact Marvin Simmers
Presbytery of Wyoming (WY) Oct. 9-12, contact Cyndi Barski

Tseganesh Ayele Asele – Ethiopia
Shenandoah Presbytery (VA) Sept. 20-22, contact Renee McCulloch
Mary Baldwin College (VA) Sept. 23-25, contact Roderic Owen
Los Ranchos Presbytery (CA) Sept 27-Oct. 1, contact Susan Eaton
Presbytery of Plains and Peaks (CO) Oct. 3-7, contact Una Stevenson
Presbytery of Coastal Carolina (NC) Oct. 9-12, contact Whitney Wilkinson

Lala Haja Rasendrahasina – Madagascar
Presbytery of New York City (NY) Sept. 20-28, contact Robert Folz Morrison
Heartland Presbytery (KS) Sept 30-Oct. 1, contact Kirk Perucca
Yellowstone Presbytery (MT) Oct. 3-7, contact Susan Barnes
Central Florida Presbytery (FL) Oct. 9-12, contact Nancy Warlick

Moses Washington Mkandawire – Malawi
Grace Presbytery (TX) Sept. 20-22, contact Elizabeth McLean 
Mission Presbytery (TX) Sept 24-Oct. 2, contact Thomas O'Meara
Presbytery of Shenango (PA) Oct. 4-7, contact Diane Gabriel 
Great Rivers Presbytery (IL) Oct. 9-12, contact Carol Schrantz

Rosario Jocabed Gallegos Viesca – Mexico
Presbytery of Western New York (NY) Sept. 20-24, contact Elena Delgado
Presbytery of East Tennessee (TN) Sept. 26-30, contact Donna Schall
Presbytery of St. Augustine (FL) Oct. 2-6, contact Ervin Bullock
John Calvin Presbytery (KS) Oct. 8-12, contact Alexandra Knott

George Abueed – Palestine
Beaver-Butler Presbytery (PA) Sept. 20-23, contact Denee Stevenson
Presbytery of Baltimore (MD) Sept. 25-29, contact Susan Krehbiel
East Iowa Presbytery (IA) Oct. 1-7, contact Lisa Thedens
North Central Iowa Presbytery (IA) Oct. 1-7, contact David Feltman
Presbytery of Northern Waters (WI) Oct. 9-12, contact Joel Huenemann

Mid-Kentucky Presbytery, Sept 20-25, contact Mary Nebelsik
Central Florida Presbytery (FL), Sept 27-Oct 1, contact Jill Bollander Cohen
New Harmony Presbytery (SC), Oct 3-7, contact Julie Cox
Yukon Presbytery (AK), Oct 9-12, contact JoAnn Bantz

Victor Ignantenkov - Russia
Lehigh Presbytery (PA) Sept. 11-15, contact Sheila Clever
Presbytery of Missouri River Valley (NE) Sept. 20-24, contact Russell Palmer
Presbytery of Greater Atlanta (GA) Sept. 26 - Oct. 1, contact Dale Carter
Presbytery of Middle Tennessee (TN) Oct. 3-6, contact Kathy Corlew

James Koung Ninrew Dong – South Sudan
Presbytery of Philadelphia (PA) Sept. 20-24, contact Sarah Weisger
Presbytery of Santa Fe (NM) Sept. 26 - Oct. 1, contact Martia Glass
Presbytery of Grand Canyon (AZ) Oct. 3-6, contact Lucinda Michels
Muskingum Valley Presbytery (OH) Oct. 8-12, contact Sue Dickerson

Salam Samouai Hanna – Syria
Northwest Coast Presbytery (WA) Sept. 20-22, contact Peter Van Der Veen
Presbytery of Cincinnati (OH, KY) Sept. 24-28, contact Nancy Matthew
Homestead Presbytery (NE) Sept. 30 - Oct. 7, contact Darin Benzinger
Lake Erie Presbytery (PA) Oct. 9-12, contact Chuck Cammarata


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