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“I give you a new commandment, that you love one another.” — John 13:34

Presbyterian Peacemaking Program
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2013 International Peacemaker


Wilhelm Iturralde from Bolivia- 2013 IPWilhelm Piérola Iturralde 

Accompanied by Chenoa Stock, mission co-worker

Wilhelm has been involved in development work since graduating from Tomás Frias University in civil engineering.  In 1986, he founded the Center for Regional Development, a non-governmental organization (NGO), committed to improvements that would benefit the community and mining families. He has worked in Central and South America, during movements such, as May Grandmothers, The Sandinistas, and Sub-Commander Frames.  Serving his second term as president of the Bolivian Joining Hands Network, UMAVIDA (Uniendo Manos por La Vida – Joining Hands for Life), a group of nine community organizations and church groups, advocating on issues of mining, water rights and environmental justice, Wilhelm is a Bolivian of Italian decent, born in the mining capital and the world’s highest city, Potosi, Bolivia, where he lives today with his wife and has two daughters.



Chenoa Stock- 2013 IP mission co-worker in BoliviaChenoa Stock

Accompanying translator for Wilhelm Piérola Iturralde 

Chenoa served as a PCUSA Young Adult Volunteer in Kerala, India, where she was confronted by the growing presence of globalization and the need for systemic changes towards sustainability.   She went onto be the Joining Hands Companionship Facilitator (part of the Presbyterian Hunger Program) in Sri Lanka with the Praja Abhilasha (People’s Aspirations) Network (2006-2010), focusing on land rights for those displaced by the 2004 tsunami, other natural disasters, tourism, and government land grabs. It was this enriching experience of working in the Joining Hands context of mission as partnership and transformation that moved Chenoa to take the call as the Companionship Facilitator in Bolivia with UMAVIDA.  She has recently renewed her contract for another three-year term and is excited to share her journey with you.   Born in Pittsburgh, PA and daughter of two retired Presbyterian co-pastors, Chenoa is a graduate of Wittenberg University.


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