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Situation Report Update

Haiti – MPP report of activities

December 2010

While Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) continues to support our ecumenical partners through ACT Alliance in the ongoing provision of basic humanitarian assistance following the January 12 earthquake, PDA is also supporting the work of our mission partner Mouvman Peyizan Papay (MPP).

MPP recently sent a report on activities that indicates they have finished distribution of the emergency food and kitchen utensil kits and have begun the rehabilitation phase.

During the month of October, a cholera epidemic attacked the country. It started in the Artibonite province, where the number of sick people is high. After this, the cholera epidemic spread rapidly to the Central Plateau, the West and the Northwest regions. PDA provided funds to help MPP in its response to this crisis.

Following is information from a recent MPP report on activities that have been completed and its plans to address the issue of cholera and damage from Hurricane Tomas.

girls smiling

Velia and her children outside their flooded tent following Hurricane Tomas, the third disaster for the area in 2010. Photo by Magnus Aronson, ACT Alliance.

Emergency Program Execution (Crisis Phase)

Food and Kitchen utensil kits

During the course of this quarter, we worked our best to finish the emergency phase. All the food kits have been distributed; 3,000 were distributed during the last quarter and 2,000 during the course of this quarter. The rice was purchased in the Artibonite province to encourage the local production of food. 5,000 families (29,230 individuals) in seven communities benefited from the distribution of food kits.

The 2,500 utensil kits were purchased and distributed, as planned, to 2,500 families that live in the three provinces where the project is underway. All 22,900 individuals that benefited from this distribution are displaced people.

The aid to schools was distributed among 350 young people from high schools and 1,775 children of elementary school. All the benefited children have been chosen. The rest of the aid will be distributed once we receive the next payment.

The distribution chart of the aid to schools will be presented in the next report.

Rehabilitation Phase Begins

Urban Agriculture

Construction of water cisterns in the Hinche and Gonaives villages has begun. A total of 57 cisterns are already built, 20 in Hinche and 37 in Gonaives. 100 cisterns will be built by the end of the month of November.

The vegetables production program has started in two villages. It was decided to start a small experience with 5 cisterns in the village of Port-de-Paix.

In December we’ll have the first harvest of vegetables in the villages. Production will continue during the first quarter of 2011.

Agricultural Production

The agricultural production program has been divided into two parts. One part was executed this year, and the other part will be executed during the first quarter of 2011.

All the banana seedlings have been purchased and planted in the seven communities included in this project.

In the lower Central Plateau, 1,500 pots with beans seeds were sown during the month of September in the Mirebalais community. The rest will be planted the first season of 2011.

The seeds of petit mil that were planted in the Artibonite and Ennery communities will be harvested by the end of this year.

We purchased and distributed 500 pots of peanuts seeds in the Hinche community during the month of September. These seeds were distributed to 250 families, 2 pots per family.

Credit Program for female victims

800 women that are part of displaced families were selected to participate in a credit loan program. The beneficiaries signed an agreement to repay the loan within a year and will pay an interest rate of 2% per month (1% to increase the capital and 1% for the administration costs and to continue in the cooperative). This rate represents the 40% of the rates put on the operation of the micro credit.

The credit will be given to women that have been victims, directly or indirectly, of the earthquake. We called indirect victims the women who have received displaced people in their homes.

MPP provided a seminar for the facilitators that will educate the credit beneficiaries, and the women will attend a workshop about Credit and Small Businesses before being able to start using the credit. The small business activities were slated to begin in November.

Response to cholera and Hurricane Tomas

The three regions where PDA works were affected by the cholera epidemic that is causing a lot of problems. Funds received from PDA are being to purchase hygiene kits that have products that will help prevent the spread of cholera.

An information/education program is being put in place to help families understand that this situation is going to last a long time in the country. This program will include educational seminars, educational resources production and radio transmissions. The people are very afraid of this epidemic.

PDA’s partner organizations in the three regions, where we execute the project, will be helped to face the problems caused in the agriculture by Hurricane Tomas.


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