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“The bush was blazing, yet it was not consumed.” Exod. 3:2

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Stories and resources from the Haiti Response Team following the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti

In the words of Haitians  

Haitians believe in standing “shoulder-to-shoulder, hand in hand.” In the following images and videos, Haitians share their own stories and spirit of rebuilding through hope, determination, and love. Simply click on any of the below thumbnails to hear, learn and see more.

Haitian story project

A brother provides

A mother's strength

A Hospital for Léogâne

It takes an eco-village




Experience Haiti in video

Impact through seeds, sponsors: PDA and PHP


Recovery continues in Haiti


Haitian children playing a game


Haitian tent school and church



Work crews in Haiti clearing rubble


Mother’s Day in Haiti - singing


Mother’s Day in Haiti - playing



News updates

Where did Haiti's earthquake aid go? 
Read why some are asking for more information.

Progress and challenges: two years after the earthquake
Learn how your donations to Presbyterian response are being used for long-term recovery.

Haitian president salutes heroes 
Learn more about Haiti's Ancestor's Day

Haitians rebuilding Haiti
Read how your donations through the Presbyterian Haiti Response Team are at work in Haiti.

Read Facts and Figures about Haiti\

Archived news from Haiti

Progress and challenges: stories from Haiti

Learn how your donations are helping the most marginalized in Haiti. 

Young adults helping others
Read the story of one young prebyterian woman who was moved to help those living in haiti.

partnership in mission: church world service
Learn how our long-term partnership with CWS is providing aid to the most marginalized in Haiti.

A family of  Léogâne

Read about one family's experience during and after the 2010 earthquake and learn how the church's long term partnerships in Haiti meant PC(USA) could provide immediate aid for those affected by the disaster.

The Presbyterian Hunger Program, a member of the Haiti Response Team, is working in Haiti's agricultural areas to provide both food and livelihood for Haitians. Read how your donations are having a positive and longterm impact on recovery.

A Hopeful Haiti
There is a word commonly used in Haiti which gives you a glimpse into how the people there approach life. It is “degaje” which means to “do what you’ve got to do” or “make do with what you have.” Read more

Photo by Paul Jeffrey, ACT.

Rebuilding Schools

An earthquake, a hurricane, and a cholera outbreak would be enough for many people to give up and stop trying to rebuild their homes, their schools, and their community. But the people of Haiti are strong in faith and spirit, so despite all they’ve endured, they continue to pick up the pieces and begin again. Your donations have directly provided the tools for them to do so. Your prayers have fortified their spirit. Read more


Mission trips to Haiti 

Haitian people take part in rebuilding their homes. Photo by Paul Jeffrey, ACT.

A mission co-worker, Suzette Goss-Geffrard,  has been appointed to receive and coordinate mission groups in Haiti. To ensure there is no duplication of work or that mission groups are not taking on work that could provide income to families in Haiti, we’re working on a plan of action for guiding all mission groups.  Please continue to check this page for updates, and contact Suzette Goss-Geffrard for information about mission trips to Haiti and how to support PC(USA) mission co-workers and church partners there.

Find details on other opportunities to take part in mission trips around the world and find ways help others through Christ’s love. Learn more


Watch this three-and-a-half-minute video to stimulate conversation and reflection about the destruction and hope that Haitians endure as a result of the January 2010 earthquake.

"Beauty and Abundance,"  a pdf version of an interpretation slide show by Mark Hare about Road to Life Yard and Moringa project

A downloadable bulletin insert, "Hope for Haiti,"  describes the work of Mark Hare and partners in Haiti.

Haiti partner church

Episcopal Church of Haiti

This church first began its ministry in 1861 when James Holly, an American black minister born of free parents, immigrated to Haiti. Holly, who had had a parish in New Haven, Connecticut, went to Haiti with 110 black Episcopalians in search of a country where black people could be free from the racial prejudices of the United States. Since its establishment in 1874 the Episcopal Church of Haiti has always emphasized health and education. This is evidenced by the schools and health programs in almost every parish and by the number of programs that minister within the church: Hopital Sainte Croix, Saint Vincent's School for Handicapped Children, the Comprehensive Development Project (CODEP), Covenant Hospital of Mombin Crochu, St. Barnabas Agricultural School in Terrier Rouge and Holy Spirit Vocational School in Cap Haitian.

Partner organization

Mouvman Peyizan Papay (MPP)

Haiti's oldest and largest peasant association, MPP relates to PC(USA) through the Presbyterian Hunger Program. Since 1973 the movement has been working in the Central Plateau. MPP works in a number of areas: agricultural and husbandry development, women's groups, youth groups, literacy, organizational training for associations, farmers' associations, cooperatives, and micro-enterprise.

Helpful Links

Find Haiti Response Team information on Facebook

World Mission — Information on PC(USA) work and partnerships in Haiti.

Mission Connections — Information and letters from PC(USA) mission co-workers in Haiti.

PC(USA) Haiti Mission Network

PresbyTel answers your questions about the PC(USA). Call (800) 872-3283 to talk to a PresbyTel consultant.


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