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“The Spirit helps us in our weakness.” Rom. 8:26

Mission Service Recruitment
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Current mission service opportunities

Learn more: To find out more about these positions and new mission service opportunities, visit OneDoor.

Learn more about the responsibilities and opportunities of a mission co-worker.


The number of mission positions that World Mission will be able to fill will be dependent on the funding available for the appointment of new mission personnel. World Mission is committed to sending as many mission workers as our congregations and members will support.
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Evangelist-Development Worker, Ethiopia, co-worker

The co-worker, together with Ethiopian colleagues, will implement a community development program among the Bali people following the Community Health and Evangelism (CHE) model. The coworker will not be implementing the program, they will facilitate the implementation. Their Ethiopian colleagues are expected to do the implementation piece.

Education Facilitator, Sudan, co-worker

The education facilitator will assist the staff of the Presbyterian Church of Sudan’s education department on a project addressing the immense educational needs of school-aged children in the Jonglei and Upper Nile states of the Republic of South Sudan.

English Teacher, China, co-worker

The co-worker will teach English to students while being fully active in the life of the seminary and the local church in Nanjing, China.

Professor of Old Testament, Egypt, co-worker

The co-worker will teach Old Testament courses at the bachelor's and master's degree level at the Evangelical Theological Seminary.

English Teacher and Evangelist, Middle East, co-worker

The co-worker will teach English at a Christian education center in the Middle East. The bulk of the person's time will be devoted to doing outreach with and on behalf of the Reformed Church.

Church Development Specialist/Pastor to Ira nian, Middle East, co-worker

The co-worker will assist the leadership of our partner church in two specific areas: (1) Building the capacity of that minority church by providing opportunities for leadership development and continuing education, sabbatical opportunities for pastors, and collaboration with the global church. (2) Providing ministry to Iranian refugees in diaspora in collaboration with partner churches and other Christian organizations and NGOs.

Teacher of English, Thailand, long-term volunteer

These long-term volunteers will teach English at the higher elementary and/or secondary school level. The need is for native English speakers who will teach in conjunction with Thai English teachers.


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