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“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord.” —Isa. 6:3

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A letter from YAV Allison Wehrung in Nashville

January 2011

As part of the missions side of my job at Presbyterian Student Fellowship, I’ve been going to serve lunch once a week for Isaiah 58, which is a part of Belmont Church’s outreach to Nashville’s homeless population. One Tuesday back in November I met a woman who was also volunteering. In the process of getting ready to serve the meal for the day, we started talking, and I got to hear a little of her story. As it turns out, through whatever chain of events, she was homeless for a few years, but is now back on her feet working as a cosmetologist (did you know that wool coats can damage long hair that rubs against it?). She was so willing to talk about how God is working in her life, and how incredibly blessed we are. Then as we were pouring water and tea, she says: “You know, this is what we can do for others. We’re pouring ourselves out, pouring God’s love out. We're so full.” We. Are. Full.

Really, we are. At least I am. I’ve been so blessed. While the whole quote in that last paragraph may not be precisely word-for-word accurate, that part is. Now I could’ve told you before I had this conversation that (in my opinion) God’s love is in everyone and part of what we can do as Christians is to share it, whatever that looks like. But it struck me that something as simple as pouring water or fruit tea can have such a deep meaning. Talk about something to make your heart smile.

At one of our YAV vocational discernment times on a Friday morning a couple months ago, I made comment somewhere along these lines: we hear so much about how God blesses those that have struggles in life (you know, “the meek shall inherit the earth ...”), but I haven’t had many struggles. I’ve often wondered where we that haven’t struggled so much fall in God's plan. Our guest speaker that week responded that perhaps the loving support system I have around me can be a basis for me to go out in the world and reach those that don’t have one. Maybe pouring tea is part of that.

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