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“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.” — John 14:27

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A letter from Don and Martha Wehmeyer in Mexico

April 2010

Greetings from Yucatan.

Photo of a man wearing clerical garb giving Communion elements to a young man.Don Wehmeyer serving Communion.

Have you ever thought of God and nature working together on the grand plan of life? I have an example. Presbyterian perspiration is persistently dripping from my forehead as I write this epistle. Without doubt the weather in April in Yucatan is a reminder of the reality of hell fire. Thusly the tropical heat and humidity should deter everyone from ever thinking of straying off the narrow path our Lord has left us to follow! As such, could Yucatan be a natural correctional faculty? Is that why I was led here? Thoughts to ponder …

Many things have come and gone since Easter. Martha is quilting with Valerie; both are helping a lot with the children’s ministry at church. I am teaching a class in ecclesiology at the seminary, preaching each week, working at the Gethsemane retreat center, and trying to find time to finish several writing projects I have going.

The big family news to relate is that Valerie, our oldest daughter, is now engaged to be married on December 18. Please pray that all goes well for that big event. We are very happy with Raul, a young man from here, who has pledged himself to her. They are both sincere believers and we covet your prayers for them in the coming months.

I would like to mention a friend, Antonio Gonzalez. He is a nationally known pianist in Mexico who became a Christian a few years ago. He would now like to leave his secular work as director of the city choir in Mazatlan and begin to serve the Lord full time. To do this we need to raise support of $1000 per month. To meet this goal we only need 40 people or churches to pledge $25 a month. Even in these hard times, I think we can do this. Antonio will be a valuable part of the two Missionary Communities we are building in Yucatan and Chiapas as he can lead the sacred music program. If you think you or your church would be interested in helping in this ministry please send me an email ( and I will explain more. Antonio speaks pretty good English and has applied for a visa so he can play and give his testimony at churches in the U.S. All support for his ministry will be tax deductible and sent through a reliable mission agency.

What can we say about Mexico today? In the north there is horrible violence due to the drug gangs. In the capital there is incredible corruption among the political leaders that is reported daily in the papers. The economy is totally dependent on the oil production but that is diminishing each year with no apparent plan of what to do when they no longer have enough for both internal consumption and export. The youth have little job opportunity and wages are so low most workers have a second or even third job. In the small towns there are far too many cases of what we can call tiny tyrants. They are people without scruples or morals who make life even more miserable than would normally be the case. In a way Mexico has always been so, but now the people are much more aware of the shortcomings. Yet instead of uniting to work together for a more just society, most of the Protestant churches want to stay away from the political process. Either they think it is too corrupt to participate, or they think nothing can be done so long as the majority of people are not believers in Christ our Lord. I think both opinions are related to what has too often been taught; that is, walking with Christ is a personal decision and individual endeavor. This has to change. Walking with Christ is a community decision and community endeavor because no one baptizes himself or herself, nor do we live the Christian faith alone.

Before closing we want to thank the several mission work teams that have been here in March and April. We had many college students over spring break, and now two have written asking to be interns for the summer. This is great way for young people to learn Spanish and a big help to us here.

Two quotes I like: “Faith is obedience — nothing else — literally nothing else.” (Emil Brunner); “When the path is smooth, Jesus walks before us. When storms and trouble come, He walks beside us.” (Anonymous)

A good book to read: The Good and Beautiful God by James Bryan Smith.

May the joys and blessings of our Lord be with you always.

Don and Martha Wehmeyer

The 2010 Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study, p. 275


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