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“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord.” —Isa. 6:3

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A letter from Yen Hee and Choon Lim in Taiwan

June 2011

Arise and Shine (Our theme of 2011)

A group of young people, standing on a street in worship.

Street evangelism.

On Sunday June 12, we had a graduation worship service in the mission center. With tears Yen Hee and Choon had to send eight students to the world, Six Dongwha University, one Buddhist Chizi Technical College, one Dahan Technical College. As HACM (Hualien Aboriginal Campus Ministry)’s tradition, Choon washed their feet after delivering a sermon. Then the students also cried. The HACM’s goal is to train and nurture them spiritually and then send them out to be a faithful instrument of God. Every year we have more than 150 students who join their group activities in their school, but on Sunday one third of the students attend our Hualien College Student Church Service.

This year we truly equipped them well with the Word and Action. This semester we did many historical programs such as 12 Hour Worship Service, 24 Hour Chain Prayer (a week), Street Evangelism at the Hualien City, and inviting Alumnus to our mission center. 12 Hour Worship Service is like IHOP (International House of Prayer). Three years ago Choon visited his relative who lives Kansas City and works for the IHOP as one of staffs. Returning from there, he shared his experience with our students, especially with our officers of HACM (Hualien Aboriginal Campus Ministry). They wanted to do it, but he hesitated to do it because he needed many talented musicians, speakers and worship leaders. So we made a small group to study and prepare for it.

Student sitting while watching another student wash someone's feet.

Washing a college student's feet.

The ideas we did 24 Hour Chain Prayers and Street Evangelism came from that group. They were more excited than we were and humbly and faithfully carried all the tasks. We made four music groups and each group performed three hours as leading Gospel songs. Local pastors and other college groups were invited to lead one hour worship service. To reach out young people, we made 1000 flyers that included each hour’s activity such as the speaker’s name, name of leading Gospel songs, and name of church or college group, etc. We first sent the flyers to all the universities and colleges through our Christian groups. Finally, 40 HACM students went to Hualien City and handed out the flyers to young people while singing Gospel songs. What a faithful student they are!

Student raising their hands in a classroom.

Alumnus election.

May 29, at 09:00 AM we started 12 Hour Worship Service. 28 worshipers joined it at the beginning and then gradually worshipers increased. At 8:00 PM more than 60 worshipers came and worshiped God. At the end of the service it packed our place. Halleluiah! From the worship, the most impacted on Choon was our student’s testimonies. They shared untold stories with the worshipers. They told us how they had painful life when they were children (parents left them with uncared for many hours without giving them food or parents’ assaulted violation).But God’s help they were able to forgive their parents and then reconciled. Truly Holy Spirit helped them to speak out and challenged many young people including us. Choon confessed to God his lack of care for them. He never knew our group leaders had that kind of painful background. We cannot write all the stories here, let the Holy Spirit finish the story in your hearts. We deeply thank you for your prayers and support. Without it, it never happened in our mission center, in our students and most of all, in Yen Hee and Choon’s life.

Performers in tradition dress play a song, while one uses a traditional instrument.

Song leader using traditional instrument.

For our alumnus meeting, we invited all the former graduated students, especially the former officers of the HACM. We had worship service together in the center. Some people have never seen our new center because we moved here in 2003. We had hoped that 30 people might show up, but we had 40. After the worship, we had a meeting to elect new officers of the HACM alumnus. During formal dinner time, we had sharing time. A lot of alumnus have married and have had children and have enjoyed church life, especially some became a deacon, two became a minister and two decided to go to a seminary after having a job as an elementary teacher. During sharing time, they never forgot to tell us that HACM impacted their lives and became matured Christians. We saw how God used them as God’s instrument wherever they were. We give thanks to God for it and also thank you for supporting the ministry.  As we see the fruits of the HACM, it reminds us your prayers and faithful support.

Let’s arise and shine the light of Jesus Christ, our Lord!

Mission in Together,

Yen Hee and Choon Lim

The 2011 Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study, p. 153


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