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“While he was blessing them, he withdrew from them and was carried up into heaven.” —Luke 24:51

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A letter from Yen Hee and Choon Lim in Taiwan

July 27, 2010

Dear friends in mission,

The theme of 2010 is “Growing together.” Through this sending-missionary and going-missionary relationship we hope we can grow together. Our common interest to be Jesus’ witness formed a strong bond between us. Ten years ago Yen Hee and I thought we couldn’t plant the Hualien Aboriginal Campus Ministry (HACM) in Hualien, Taiwan. We didn’t know how to start it because we both of us were trained to be medical personnel and worked at a medical ship, “Salvation,” for six years in South Korea before we came to Taiwan as missionaries. It was like giving us a new life and a new challenge, but your prayers and our strength from God made a new chapter in our ministry. The HACM became one of the college ministries in Taiwan, though with a short history, that is growing the most.

Choon Lim and another man washing the feet of two young people

Hualien College graduates having their feet washed.

Now we have a beautiful mission center near the ocean where we can play basketball, volleyball, table tennis and enjoy other activities. We also have the Hualien College Student Church. The attendance doubled from 20 two years ago to 40. In our graduation tradition during the worship service Choon always washes their feet, but last year when he washed 11 students, he had several cramps. This year since we have 22 participants, Choon invited a minister to help him in washing their feet. Furthermore, this year we need to renovate our center because of an increasing number of participating students for the worship service and other activities. We want it to be done during this summer vacation time. Please pray for it.

A group of young people wearing yellow T-shirts holding their outstreched arms toward an audience.

The Praise Team Performs.

At the end of August we end our HACM 10th anniversary activities. Last year we started it with a two-day program — thanksgiving worship service, sports activities and special praise night on Saturday, and on Sunday we worshiped God with our former graduates. Later, on March 27, 2010, we held a Gospel Song Contest at the Chi Zi Buddhist Technical College in Hualien. Many local churches participated in the contest, with more than 100 non-Christians in the audience. On May 22-23 our 31-member praise team went to the Bunun tribe village (a three-hour drive by car) and held a special Revival Service. Seven local churches joined us, and in the packed church people heard the Word of God and praised God together. On July 7 the last activity was to go to Seoul, South Korea, to witness to Jesus with messages, gospel songs and Taiwan aboriginal traditional songs and dances. The 18 praise team members visited four churches within a week. We were overwhelmed by their hospitality and support as we praised God with all our heart, mind and strength. Our students who participated will never forget this unforgettable event and the 10th anniversary.

A group on stage with instruments.

Singing and dancing in Seoul.

None of this could have happened if it wasn’t for your compassion, your concern, your prayers and your material support. We hope that through the reading of this mission letter and pictures that we share you have been able to experience a taste of our 10th anniversary. We hope and trust that through this sharing you will also feel the presence of Christ in a most profound way. May you be as richly blessed as you have been a great blessing to our HACM and to us!

Faithfully in mission.

Yen Hee and Choon Lim

The 2010 Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study, p. 146


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