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“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.” — John 14:27

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A letter from Aliamma George in South Sudan

August 2012

Mathew 19:26:  Jesus looked at them and said to them “With men, it is impossible but with God, all things are possible.”

Greetings in the matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  We would like to start this letter by writing about a miracle that happened to us. When she had a regular annual medical checkup about seven months ago, Aliamma’s mammogram result came out as abnormal. So the X-rays were repeated and a biopsy was done and we returned back to Malakal the same week. The biopsy result was negative, but the radiologist ordered her strictly to come back in six months for repeat X-rays. Her words were like this: “This is the way a type of cancer develops.” We put it into God’s hands and asked some of our prayer partners to pray. After six months, when a mammogram was done the report was sent home saying that the findings were normal. Praise God, our God is able to do miracles.

Jacob discussing The Pastoral Epistles with students

Now we would like to mention miracles that happened in our students’ lives when they were on vacation in their villages and small towns. Mr. D says: “When I reached my village, my congregation noted that my bag was empty. They prepared a day for celebration and gave me gifts; God himself made them do it. I could give back my knowledge that I got at Giffen Institute of Theology to the community, hospital, school, church and Sunday school.  I could start a vegetable garden around my house, and God gave good rain this year and my family can enjoy the corn, okra, onions and cucumber during the harvest.”

Mr. J narrates: "One evening I saw very heavy rains with thunderstorms and many small houses were blown away. People gathered in our church for shelter and started praying. Within minutes everything became calm and the congregation decided to hold a conference to celebrate and to give praises to God. We could buy three goats this year for my three children and God will increase them by the time I go for the next vacation.”

When Mr. S was sitting inside the church, a man called him to come out as if he had something to share. He came out and the man said that he needed help as he was sick after he lost his cows, was always thinking about his loss and unable to sleep. Mr. S told him that God could bring the cows back and they prayed together with faith. Within a few days someone brought the cows to his house at night and then left quietly. So this owner came happily to tell Mr. S early in the morning and they praised God together.

When Mr. T’s church recommended that he go to G.I.T. (Giffen Institute of Theology), where we teach, he was reluctant. He said, "My family may not have security and my wife and two children may not [have enough] food.“ One church leader told him that God would provide like He provides for the birds. Then he agreed to test his faith and came to study. "I got good teachers," he says, "learned many new things, and could share the Bible and health issues with my people when I returned. Many friends are going to apply for the next school year. My wife and children are eating better than before and are happier.”

Mr. W experienced the providence of God in a wonderful way. His first daughter was married and received a good husband and many cows as dowry. Mr. W donated a cow and a sheep to his church so that they can sell them and use the money for special needs. During his vacation two tribal groups joined together and became one big Presbyterian congregation (Nuer and Shiluk). He was given 10 minutes every Sunday to talk about health and prevention of diseases, and he used it wisely.

The heavy rain in Malakal makes the roads muddy and sticky and the lack of proper sewage system here bring lots of mosquitoes and malaria. Thank you for your prayers.


Aliamma and Jacob George

The 2012 Presbyterian Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study, p. 94

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