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“He has been raised from the dead.” Matt. 28:7

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Kyle Clifton

YAV in Nashville
Nashville Epiphany Project



Kyle Clifton will be a Young Adult Volunteer for the 2nd year at the Nashville site in 2011- 2012. Kyle served previously as a YAV in Hollywood, Calif. for a year.  He worked with the development team at PATH (People Assisting the Homeless) doing design work, filming, photography, and journalism with the team.  He also got involved with the neighborhood kids on his street, assisting them with their school work, doing recreation, and taking them on fun trips like to the beach, tv sets, a park, or a visit to ice cream shop. "During my stay in CA I have been truly blessed. I have witnessed the neighborhood kids accept God's love and show God's love to others. The stories of all of the homeless in LA have also made a big impact on me. I have learned the difference between needs and wants.  God continues to supply the needs just like he did in Moses’s day. "Love your neighbors like they are your next of kin." said Kyle.  Another blessing that God gives to YAVs is the blessing of roommates.  It is not always easy living with five other people, but learning to compromise and laugh about it is just part of this program. 

He knows the Nashville site will be different but he is looking forward to God's plan unfolding there as it did in LA.  Kyle knows he can't do it alone.  He has seen the good and the bad in LA and he knows God is in control.  Kyle said, “I am just excited to see how God is going to work in me and through me in Nashville.”

During his stay in Nashville, he will be working with the agency called "Room In The Inn" that helps homeless people. He will be working in the education area where he will be teaching classes, performing in different roles to assist volunteers who come in, create events for clients, and do media design. In Nashville he will have seven roommates. "During my stay in Calif., I felt God was calling me to do YAV again especially in Nashville. I don't know why since it is my home state but God’s got a plan." said Kyle.   Kyle is looking forward to a new journey with God and is ready for his faith and Christian walk to get stronger.  "I am still praying about what I am supposed to do with my future, but I still feel confident that God's call for me is mission work."

Kyle was born in Louisville, Ky. but currently is from Gallatin, Tenn.  He graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a Multi Media Digital Design, Mass Communication degree with a minor in Art.  He has been very blessed with opportunities that God has given him.  He has been on 14 mission trips over the years including Kenya, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and in the states. While he was in Kenya, he felt a calling from God that he is supposed to be a missionary for God. So he has been on a roll ever since then to seek God's will in his life.   "God is Good!" says Kyle.

The Young Adult Volunteer program is a year-long service program for young adults between ages 19 and 30. Read more about the YAV program here



  • Kyle, you are in my prayers this morning as I read about your year of service in the Mission Yearbook. Blessings on your ministry! Grace and peace, Judy Ferguson Certified Christian Educator Schreiner University Kerrville, TX by Judy Ferguson on 06/11/2012 at 8:22 a.m.

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