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“I give you a new commandment, that you love one another.” — John 13:34

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A prayer letter from Karla Koll in Costa Rica

September 2013

Dear companions in mission,

Greetings in Jesus' name from San Jose, Costa Rica. I'm writing this abbreviated prayer letter to let you know that my husband, Javier, and I have arrived and are getting settled here.

The trip turned out to be much longer than we had anticipated. We finally left Quetzaltenango on Thursday, September 5, with two cars, one truck, three dogs and one cat. We got stuck in customs going into Nicaragua for four days, but in the end they released the truck with our belongings. We stored our belongings in Tipitapa and dropped Pandora, our German shepherd, off at the farm. We continued on to Costa Rica with one car, one dog and one cat. We arrived in San Jose on Saturday, September 14, at 1:00 AM.  The saddest moment of the trip was the death of Odin, one of our pugs, at the border between El Salvador and Honduras. He just couldn't take the heat. We still miss him, but we know that he had a very happy life the five years he was with us.

My colleagues here at the Latin American Biblical University (UBL) have received us very graciously. As I expected, there is lots of work waiting for me here. I jumped right in Monday. I'm looking forward to introducing you over the coming months to the folks here and the work we do in theological education.

We are renting a house from the UBL just three blocks away from the campus. At the moment we have minimal furnishings, but we have enough to comfortable. The dog and the cat are adjusting well to their new surroundings.

Javier has gone back to Nicaragua to check on Pandora and spend some time at our farm. He plans to come back here at the end of next week with a carload of books and kitchen supplies.

We are excited about this new phase of our life together. Javier will be spending time in Nicaragua working on our farm. I'll go to Nicaragua when my teaching schedule permits it. Javier is also excited about being here in Costa Rica some of the time. Several people have been talking to him about ministries in which he might become involved. The UBL community has embraced him.

We don't have any Internet service in the house yet, so my communication is somewhat limited right now. I should be online soon. By the beginning of next month I should be able to get a regular prayer letter off. In the meantime, thank you so much for accompanying us with your gifts and prayers.


New address:
Rev. Dr. Karla Ann Koll
Universidad Biblica Latinoamericana
Apartado 901-1000

The 2013 Presbyterian Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study, p. 16
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