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“While he was blessing them, he withdrew from them and was carried up into heaven.” —Luke 24:51

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A letter from John and Gwen Haspels in Ethiopia

October/NovEMBER 2013


“I was hungry … I was thirsty … I was a stranger … I was naked … I was sick … I was in prison ... Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did it for me”  (Matt. 25:35-40).

Dear Friends,

Who Will Go?  We have been in 12 states, driven more than 12,000 miles, attended New Wilmington, Big Tent, and Home Assignment conferences, spoken in many churches, and been in a different bed almost every night, and yet we are ONLY HALFWAY DONE with our itineration assignment.  Most of our remaining time will be in the Midwest, with one trip to Key West, Florida.  The theme of our speaking has been from Matt. 25:31-46 and Isaiah 6:1-8, "Who will go?" and "When did we see you (Jesus)?"

I Was Sick:  Sheik Mohamed Amin was a Moslem cleric, covered with sores, and slowly dying from AIDS in a hospital bed in Jimma, Ethiopia.  Two Christian evangelists came to visit him regularly.  Mohamed would curse them and tell them to get out of his room. 

Then one day Jesus appeared to Mohamed in a bright light dressed as a doctor.  Jesus touched him and commanded him to get up.  Mohamed got up and went to the home of one of the evangelists.  Mohamed had his wounds bathed and in one week he was completely healed.  God is a Healer!                                                                                                   

I Was in Prison:  After an attempted escape from a crowded prison in Tum, Ethiopia, two Suri men were recaptured and their ankles were chained together.  Their misery was compounded as they shuffled along together.

When we visited them in prison, we asked them, “What is the one thing you would ask God for in prayer?”  They both said, “We want to be free of these chains!”  We prayed according to their hearts' desire and within a week their chains were removed.

God sets the prisoners free even though they were still in prison.  Several years later one of the two prisoners, after being released, became the Suri Bible translator working with Wycliffe Bible translator Mike Bryant.

I Was a Stranger:  At 5:30 early one cold fall Sunday morning as we were getting ready to head out to Western Kansas to speak, our doorbell rang.  When Gwen opened the door, a young woman stood shivering in bare feet, dressed only in her pajamas.  “May I come in and use your bathroom?” she asked.

After being invited in and using the bathroom she began wandering around the house looking for her clothes.  Then she headed down the hall to the bedroom where 90-year-old Grandma Martha was sound asleep.  She went into the dark room and climbed up on the bed with Grandma.  Lying on top of Martha, she said, “I need a hug.”

Not even knowing who it was, Grandma reached up and gave her a warm hug.  “I was a stranger and you invited me in.

Back to Africa: We will be traveling back to Ethiopia in January 2014. We hope to move into Baale as soon as possible after arrival. Our goal will be to see a church planted among the Baale.  During the year 2014 we are also hoping to mentor a young couple to take our place to do evangelism and Bible translation.  If YOU are that young couple God is calling, we pray that your response will be, “Here am I, send me.”  Then at the end of 2014 we will retire and travel back and forth to Africa in our retirement.  We are praying that you will continue your support for this still-to-be-recruited new couple.

Share Holders: “Joyfully giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified YOU TO SHARE in the INHERITANCE” (Col.1:12).  We are thankful to the Father for all of you, the share holders, who have partnered with us through your giving and in your prayers.  May God richly Bless! 

Together in His Service,
The Haspels

P.S.  Remaining Schedule:

  • Foot washing Maundy Thursday 2013

    Oct. 13 Peace Covenant, Key West, Fla.      
  • Oct 16 Westminster, Topeka
  • Oct 17 First Pres. Lawrence       
  • Oct 20 Mt Pleasant, Abilene      
  • Oct 23 2nd Pres, Hastings, Neb.
  • Oct 27 Jacksonville, Ill., am, Princeville, Ill., pm
  • Oct 30 Sterling College Chapel              
  • Nov 3 Jetmore am, Kingsdown pm          
  • Nov 6 McPherson              
  • Nov 10 Zenith am, Hays pm
  • Nov 12 Presbytery of Southern Kansas                
  • Nov 13 Leoti and Tribune            

    Nov 17 Westwood, Wichita
  • Nov 20 Junction City                  
  • Nov 21 Cottonwood Falls              
  • Nov 24 New Covenant, Hutch
  • Dec 1 Halstead

The 2013 Presbyterian Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study, p. 107
The 2014 Presbyterian Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study, p. 133
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